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Arts Culture Know Your Feng Shui Prospects For 2018

Know Your Feng Shui Prospects For 2018

Know Your Feng Shui Prospects For 2018
By Philippine Tatler
February 05, 2018
Each Lunar New Year is believed to bring good fortune to some or challenges to other specific Chinese zodiac signs, depending of course on the ruling sign -- this year, it's the Dog. By virtue of their friendly affiliations with the Dog, those born in the years of the Rabbit, Tiger, and Horse can look forward to positive energies in 2018. Dragon, which is the conflict animal of the Dog, may face some rough times ahead. Read on to find out your sign's outlook according to Feng Shui expert, Marites Allen:


The Rat Sign may still expect long-term benefits despite the presence of the misfortune star in your direction this year. Consider taking some time off and avoid the afflicted energies by travelling, going on holidays, and spending time with happy people. Protect yourself from the effects of the Misfortune Star by wearing the 5-element pagoda pendant, tai sui amulets or accessories.


Be prepared for possible disputes. Be more reasonable and patient and try to promote a harmonious environment. Let all these animosities go as the rewards will be worth your efforts. There is pleasant news related to promotion or further career development. Always carry your peace and harmony protection amulet embossed with mystic knot, symbol of peace, or ksitigarbah symbol.


Expect a reasonably good year, provided you control your temper and avoid confrontations that could lead to a fight. You will need more friends than enemies this year. Ensure that your health is well taken care of, too. Wear your allies and friends symbol, 9-mantra shawl, or carry the peace and harmony medallion close to you.


Protect yourself from losses that could be brought about by the Robbery Star visiting you this year. There will be opportunities for a valuable business break. If you have been seeking to be lucky in love, be ready to grab those exciting opportunities when they present themselves. Wear the infinity mantra bangle to boost your luck even further or display some love symbols in the East corner of your room.



While you have luck of wealth this year, remember that this is your conflict year, thus you will feel as if you are not moving any further. This is the time for you to take it easy, do charity work, and just be cool. Enjoy the much-needed comfort, love and support of your family members. For cosmic protection, wear the powerful tai sui or pagoda amulet on your body this year. Wearing mantra-inspired accessories will surely help.



Travelling to exciting places, going for a training in another location, and career promotion are just a few of your heavenly blessings this year. Show some care and importance to those who care and believe in you; there will still be more chances for your upward achievements. You need protection from the Three Killings Star this year, however, Control this energy by wearing a Victory medallion or Hum symbol.



A most rewarding year especially in the love department. If you play your cards right, there will be many reasons for you to celebrate especially when good wealth and health are in the horizon. Boost your good fortune by wearing the victory with success medallion. Enhance your South corner with auspicious birds painting for good luck.


There is no need to explore and initiate brand new ventures. Whatever you have started before has a very stable foundation. You may have to redouble your efforts to achieve whatever goals you wanted. The presence of the heavenly luck star will enable you to receive unexpected income. Get some feng shui help by wearing the 9-mantra charms, or the evil mantra protections for smooth sailing in 2018.


A hectic year with possible windfall luck. However, while your luck is positive in most aspects, there will be threats to your physical wellness. Some energies may pose health challenges, though nothing so serious that could not be helped by the right feng shui cures. Protect yourself with accessories inscribed with powerful mantras and protection for health, such as the nine mantra bracelet or key chain.



Mind the threat of the illness star! Demands from work and business may get into your system making you feel lethargic. Fight stress and make sure to look after your well-being and the interests of your family members. Do not be too busy that you neglect your personal health. Wear your allies and friends shawl or carry the health or power amulet with you this year.



All the disappointments and misfortunes of the past will totally dissolve. New beginnings are in the horizon and income growing in 2018 is very possible. Go easy on unnecessary expenditures to protect your savings. Politicking or jealousy at work are likely, so be extra careful and wear the floral mantra protection medallion, mantra shawl or amulets with protective mantras, or 8 auspicious symbols.



Time to make changes within yourself and in your environment. Keep your cool and manage your health and finances well. Be prepared for possible betrayal; a strong friendship you have forged in the past may come to an end. Train yourself to face reality. Cover yourself with powerful amulets in the form of evil eye protection or an image of scarabs representing rebirth or new beginnings.



Words by Chit A. Tribiana | For more comprehensive readings on the career, wealth, health, and relationship prospects for each animal sign, Marites Allen has written and published individual horoscope books available at all Frigga Charmed Life boutiques and National Bookstores. They are also available online at,, and


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