Miele Launches Revolutionary Laundry Line


February 3, 2017 | BY Philippine Tatler

This line of machines and detergents took 5 years and millions of Euros to produce!

Miele, founded in 1899, has long been known for its high quality, top of the line products in home and kitchen appliances. On February 2nd, in the Focus Global showroom, Miele proudly launched its latest laundry line – the revolutionary W1 washing machine and the T1 tumble dryers.     




Miele's brand ambassador Grace Barbers-Baja (the woman behind thespoiledmummy.com) and Miele’s Export Sales Manager for Southeast Asia, Frauke Nitz ( flew in from Germany), excitedly welcomed guests to learn all about these groundbreaking machines and detergents.

This line of machines and detergents took 5 years and millions of Euros to produce. The teams efforts to improve the science behind doing the wash truly shows! The W1 machines come with the innovative double washing system by Miele called TwinDos. The machine determines how much soap to combine depending on your wash load so that you do not have to think! At the event, there was a live demonstration to prove how well the TwinDos system works and the results were astounding – brand X did not even come close!

To take things further, Miele introduced detergents that are custom made for your fabrics to ensure that your clothing is protected. Furthermore, their dryer system introduces a SteamFinish function, which helps to de-wrinkle your outfits! Less ironing? I’m in!

Every facet of both the washing and drying machines keeps efficiency, the environment, and quality in mind. 

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