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Homes Mood Board: Flower Fantasy

Mood Board: Flower Fantasy

Mood Board: Flower Fantasy
By Mia Borromeo
April 13, 2018
Think big and introduce dramatic floral elements that will elevate special gatherings to an extraordinary feast for the senses. Words by Mandy Allen / | Additional words by Mia Borromeo | Photography by Warren Heath / | Styling and Production by

As if having been sprinkled with seeds and left to sprout, this feature chair is pure romantic whimsy and makes for a far more delightful floral display than a vase.

What better reason than a special dinner gathering to release your inner production designer and set an evocative, cinematic scene for your guests. Flowers are present everywhere: in vases and unusual vessels; laid out underneath a simple elevated glass top structure; as a moulded jelly centrepiece (for display or eating); and pressed flat, painted white, and framed as customised artworks. The moody colour palette and elements such as taxidermy, vintage scientific instruments, and Baroque candle sticks (rendered modern in matt black) are tempered by the natural warmth of wood and pops of jewel-like coloured glassware. The inky distressed feature wall serves as both an abstract focal point and dramatic backdrop.


If you aren’t afraid of experimentation, this brush-stroke distressed feature wall is a satisfying weekend project.

• Pick a contrasting colour to your existing wall (which should ideally be neutral white) and, using a roller brush, start by painting the top section of the wall as you would when applying a solid coat of paint.

• As you work your way down the wall, make use of a lighter hand with the roller brush until you create light, imperfect strokes that leave a smudged, chalky finish.


Repurpose vintage glassware by creating new forms. Mix colours and textures as well as materials (glass and ceramics) to create quirky decorative objects.


• Gather a collection of unused glassware or scour the flea markets for items such as vases, drinks glasses, and interesting vessels in different shapes, colours, and textures.

• Play with forms using a temporary adhesive such as Blu Tack to make sure your vessel is stable before permanently gluing together your object.

The hobby of flower pressing gets a modern update. This installation on a plywood-clad wall was created by pressing flowers and leaves, spray-painting them a uniform colour (in this instance, white), sticking onto fine art paper and displaying in simple, contemporary frames. These are juxtaposed with a vintage painting in an unusual mahogany frame. A real posy of white flowers in a ceramic wall-mounted vase creates a sense of layering while a vase, typically designated to a table top, is displayed playfully on the floor. A velvet-upholstered French sofa and throw pillows bring the opulence; a floral-bedecked rug, the colour. For a contemporary touch, two side tables in glossy black and natural wood are mixed in.


• Choose your flowers and foliage. Make sure everything is dry and blemish-free.

• Place the flora between two sheets of plain parchment or wax (sandwich) paper and put these face down in the middle of a telephone book.

• Weigh the book down and leave for a week to 10 days.

• Once dried, spray paint the flowers your choice of colour (in this case white) and attach to paper using artist’s adhesive. Don’t saturate your dried flora with paint—spray lightly to allow some of the colour to still show through.

• Frame for a dramatic display

Create a dramatic optical illusion with this living painting


• Find an old, ornate frame and paint it the colour of your choice.

• Stretch a piece of sturdy neutral fabric tautly across the back of the frame using a staple gun to attach it.

• Find a colourful image of a floral arrangement (a painting, not a photograph) and paste it onto the back of your self-made fabric canvas.

• Using an art knife, carefully cut out only the top section of the glued on picture but do not remove it completely. Make sure to leave the bottom section attached so you can arrange it so that it looks as if it is spilling out of the bottom of the frame.

• Attach a piece of floral foam to a tray with strong glue, then mount the tray onto the wall. Position the frame over it.

• Begin to form your floral arrangement by placing flowers in the floral foam until it appears that the painting and flowers are one for a dramatic effect.

Take a “more is more” approach and create a high impact floral display, constructing it from the floor up


• This dramatic display was created using oversized glass test tubes and stacks of floral foam.

• Create a ‘tower’ for your flowers by securing a large, square piece of floral foam onto a tray (use a suitable glue adhesive or strong, water-resistant double-sided tape). Stick a tall dowel rod/stick into the centre of your base piece of floral foam and then add smaller square pieces of floral foam until you reach your preferred height.

• Carefully dampen your floral foam using a watering can.

• Start placing your flowers until you are happy with your composition, making sure that none of the floral foam is visible.

• Use wild grasses to add height.


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