Packing List: Travel Must-Haves


March 22, 2017 | BY Isabel Martel Francisco

Don't leave home without them!

Travelling is second nature to some, but for most, packing causes quite the dilemma. 

Some more organised travellers have got the art of packing down to a science, writing check-lists and planning days or even weeks in advance. However, if many of you out there are like me, packing for a flight begins the night before my trip! Frantically choosing outfits, I throw everything onto my bed, thinking about where I will be going and what I will be doing. I jot down the essentials and try my best to visualize the wardrobe I will be needing. For the sole reason that I have practiced this routine many times, I thankfully, usually, pack everything that I need ... and more. Travelling light has never been my strong suit.

If you are someone who is not good with packing under pressure, then making a list in advance is highly recommended. This will help you carefully choose outfits, and more importantly, make sure you pack all your travel essentials. It is vital that you check the weather at your destination and pack accordingly. Include your must have toiletries for example. The hotel will have your basics covered, but if you have a favourite face wash, shampoo, shaving cream or after-shave, throw that into your luggage along with any make-up you will be needing. 

If you are both: not good at packing under pressure, and someone who never plans in advance, worry not, we are here to help! Here is an extensive list of travel must haves, separated into HAND CARRY & CHECK IN BAGGAGE. Click through to read on!