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HomesPhilippine Geogreen: Greener Spaces

Philippine Geogreen: Greener Spaces

Philippine Geogreen: Greener Spaces
By Philippine Tatler
November 28, 2018
Philippine Geogreen answers the growing need for sustainable alternatives in home-building and design

In line with the growing momentum of the green movement, builders and homeowners in the country have sought products to complement the shared dream of a sustainable future. Transforming the spaces we work and live in are radical steps in making the world a more eco-friendly one. Philippine Geogreen rises to the occasion, reeling in internationally acclaimed products into the local development scene as smart solutions.

While it may seem costly to have natural light illuminating a home 24/7, Solatube’s brilliant technology that harnesses the marriage of solar-electric technology makes this possible without the extra expense. An innovative dome catches sunlight and reflects this from within a tube. Homeowners then have the option of adding an energy efficient LED light kit for night time, which creates a bright hue for evenings.

Solatube daylighting system
Atmospheric water generator in black
Haiku fans in different finishes
Atmospheric water generator in white

A clean water source is essential in every space. With EcoloBlue’s Atmospheric Water Generator, however, water is extracted from humid ambient air, creating a supply for the marvellous system. Potable water is then ready for drinking after multiple stages of filtration. In a high humidity location like the Philippines  with levels fluctuating from 70 per cent to 85 per cent throughout the year, the Atmospheric Water Generator operates perfectly to reduce warm and sticky air, with an ideal humidity of at least 50 per cent.

Specifically designed for homebuilders in a tropical landscape, the Haiku ceiling fans were crafted to deliver silent but strong air circulation. The fansmade from durable hybrid resin, aircraft-grade aluminium, or sustainably harvested Moso bambooare available along a stretch of colours and textures to accent bedrooms and outdoor patios. The Haiku is an amalgamation of form, functionality, and energy efficiency.

Philippine Geogreen is located at 721 Aurora Boulevard, New Manila, Quezon City For more information, visit


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