Pyur Luxury Redefines Asian Hospitality


October 17, 2017 | BY Philippine Tatler

Southeast Asia’s Premier Lifestyle Management Group is bringing an elevated level of opulent comfort to this side of the globe

pyur-luxury-walk.jpgPhoto: courtesy of Pyur Luxury

Today’s dynamic business, social, and leisure landscapes demand so much more from our already-hectic schedules. While we can try to keep up with the pace, this balancing act oftentimes leaves no room for anything else. This is why we see a growing number of concierge service providers breaking into the mainstream, offering assistance by means of enriching the daily lives of those who just don't have the time.

You might be thinking, what is concierge service? The concept is quite bold: leave all the planning for the different aspects of your lifestyle in the hands of a professional—someone whose sole responsibility is to make it all possible for you. For this, we spoke to the team behind the homegrown lifestyle management group, Pyur Luxury, to find out how their lifestyle managers make the seemingly impossible possible.

pyur-luxury-lifestyle-managers.jpgLifestyle Managers Therese Pauline Tantuico, Alecx Rumbaoa, Mikhail Villacorta, Angela Silverio, Adriel Tangoan, and Bianca Roxas | Photo: courtesy of Mon Mangila

For those who might find the concept unclear, would you please explain the concept of concierge service and what Pyur Luxury is all about?

More often than not, a concierge service is associated with hotels and hospitality establishments. In truth, it is so much more than that. Here at Pyur Luxury, we pride ourselves in being Southeast Asia's Premier Lifestyle Management Group. As such, our members leave the details to us. We consistently go above and beyond to fulfill their requests. The heart of our service is the warmth of Asian Hospitality. We want our members to cherish their time with people and things that they value most.

What is the inspiration behind Pyur Luxury?

A team of young, cultured and empowered Asians fueled by their passion to bring a sense of sophistication and elegance strive to make perfection their standard of excellence. Sharing the same taste in exquisite luxury, this group conceptualised a concierge company that aims to recreate the regal lifestyle as a way of life.

Pyur started as a vision to bring home grandeur to the lives of affluent Asians. We are deeply in love with all things luxurious and we dream of giving this as a gift to those who deserve only the best. Pyur embodies elevated luxury and moments of utter indulgence.

We have dared to redefine exceptional service by infusing our Asian roots into all that we do. Our lifestyle brand with a foreground of homegrown hospitality is our Pyur Story.

pyur-luxury-tokyo.jpgTokyo, Japan | Photo by: Thomas Marban

You emphasise Asian Hospitality a lot in your communications. For Pyur Luxury, what constitutes Asian Hospitality and what sets it apart from the other types of services?

The first thing that comes into mind when it comes to Asian Hospitality is warmth. It is our bloodline and heritage that translates in the way we do business. What differentiates Asian hospitality is the distinct personal touch in long-lasting relationships that is born out of taking good care of people. We let them feel good and we give them experiences like no other.

Your service is lifestyle management. How is a lifestyle manager different from, say, a personal assistant? What does a Pyur Luxury lifestyle manager do?

Our Lifestyle Managers are professionally trained to fulfill our member's request with utmost confidence. They pay attention to details, and are able to anticipate the needs of our members to tailor-fit their service. What they do is collaborate with our company’s extensive network of partners for everything a member could possibly need or want. They are also dedicated to serve our members round-the-clock, dawn to dusk. Meanwhile, a personal assistant would be quite challenged to get this level of insider knowledge and network in order to provide bespoke services.

Can you give us a glimpse of the services you offer?

Pyur Luxury wants to be present in all aspects of our members’ lives. We put luxury in the smallest of details—from the simplest to the most outrageous requests. If our members seek transportation, we offer access to private jets, commercial flights, yachts, limos, and chauffeured cars. Aside from that, we can get them air ambulances with a nurse and a physician on board to take them to the place that would best cater to their medical needs. For leisure, we can usher our members into the hippest nightclubs in top party destinations. Their lifestyle managers can also send them to the most exclusive events. Our team can even get them a table in restaurants that are highly coveted both locally and internationally. For unique experiences, we can organize all types of trips and events to make unforgettable memories. Just recently, one of our lifestyle managers was asked to find a venue for a romantic dinner, and we were able to book a private dinner at Mount Titlis overlooking the Alps. If the members are looking for gastronomic adventures, Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay can personally delight their palate. Our members' whimsy is our call to action. 

pyur-luxury-lifestyle-specialists.jpgLifestyle Specialists Jocelyn Ann Santiago, Michael Dela Cruz, Clisscile Agustin, John Patrick Bacalzo, and Keim Lumampao | Photo: courtesy of Mon Mangila

What companies are you currently affiliated with?

Our network is extensive. Our business development team is continuously working hard to expand our web of local and international merchants. Currently, we have The Ritz Paris, The Peninsula New York, Harrods, Bulgari London, Philippine Airlines, The Peninsula Manila, Dragon-I, Air Alliance, Solaire Resort and Casino, African Odyssey, Armani Hotel Group, Leading Hotels of the World, and The Temple House Collection in Mainland China.

How wide is the Pyur Luxury network at this time in terms of the countries where you offer membership and extend services?

Our network is diverse and dynamic. Since we are partners with aforementioned merchants, we have a global reach and a worldwide web of connections. With our highly skilled team, we are still continuously growing and expanding.

What services do you offer to your corporate clients? How is it different from what you offer private members?

With corporate membership, we look at it more as a partnership. We work hand-in-hand in helping them reach their business goals. With our extensive network of connections, we can create and conceptualize events for them. We help in business and corporate needs to ensure that corporate members can have more time for things they value the most.

pyur luxury turkey.jpgCappadocia, Turkey | Photo by: Egzon Bytyqi

Can you give an example of the most memorable experience you can arrange?

Every client is as unique as our services. We want our members to cherish moments like no other. As always, we put our personal touch to let our members feel more and experience more.  Recently, we set up a marriage proposal for one. We flew the couple via private charter to Cappadocia, Turkey. We arranged a hot air balloon ride overlooking the breathtaking rock formations and as the hot air balloon descends, a romantic private brunch greets them. The picturesque landscape of Goreme and vibrant balloons serve as witness as the groom-to-be kneels down and asks for her hand.

One of our members wanted us to set up a family excursion for the summer, and our Lifestyle Managers suggested booking a private island in the Caribbean. We found the hidden gem of Richard Branson and arranged a weeklong vacation in Necker Island. Needless to say, our member was in awe. It was an unbelievable display of the sea, sun, and sand.

Moskito-May14-JackB-2176.jpgNecker Island | Photo by: Virgin Limited Edition

Pyur Luxury is offering a wide range of services. Learn all about Pyur Luxury on their website here, or call +632.860.9816 or +63906.377.9533. You may also download the Pyur Luxury app from the Play Store and App Store.

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