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Homes Acasa At Southern Plains: Enjoy A Refined Southern Lifestyle Just Hours Away From Manila

Acasa At Southern Plains: Enjoy A Refined Southern Lifestyle Just Hours Away From Manila

Acasa At Southern Plains: Enjoy A Refined Southern Lifestyle Just Hours Away From Manila
By Marga Manlapig
February 05, 2021
VCDC’s newest development, Acasa at Southern Plains, is set to redefine the meaning of enlightened suburban living just a couple of hours south of Manila

The concept of “home” has changed since the day people were housebound to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in March 2020. Rather than just a space for sleeping, eating and storing one’s possessions, the home became a cocoon for those within a safe space where they could enjoy the company of their families. Unfortunately, the concept of “shoebox living”, essentially living in smaller spaces in urban districts which give the illusion of convenience, has kept many families from both meaningful interactions with each other and living fuller and more meaningful lives.

In which case, maybe it’s time to rethink one’s idea of home yet again, take a drive south and discover all the possibilities at Victor Consunji Development Corporation (VCDC)’s newest residential enclave in Laguna: Acasa at Southern Plains.


The facade showcases clean lines that evoke
The facade showcases clean lines that evoke minimalism


If you were to ask VCDC founder and CEO Vic Consunji how he and his wife, Acasa Group co-founder Maggie Wilson-Consunji, came up with the idea behind Acasa at Southern Plains, they will tell you that it’s a paradigm shift from the condo living mindset that was so prevalent before the pandemic.

Before 2020, most homebuyers were snapping up in-city condominiums and apartments that boasted easy access to shopping centres, business districts and numerous lifestyle amenities. Covid-19, however, changed all that.

“People got stuck inside their houses,” Vic recalls. “Then people suddenly realised that it isn’t natural to live in stacked boxes. They could only go out to get necessities, [but] some condos were completely locked down. [Everything] they held important back then and thought was the great reason why they were buying in that area all vanished.”

Acasa at Southern Plains is a 180-degree move away from that mindset. Located in Canlubang, Laguna, it takes residents away from the grime and chaos of the big city but is still conveniently close enough to key business and commercial areas for both work and leisure. What truly sets it apart from other residential enclaves is its promise of inspired villa-style living in an elegant natural setting.

Each home at Acasa at Southern Plains is characterised by a sleek minimalist aesthetic inspired by the charming nuances of traditional Southeast Asian home architecture. Additional features promote practicality. These include flat roofs for minimal storm damage, high ceilings for better ventilation indoors, picture windows for energy-saving ambient lighting in the daytime, as well as privacy and security measures. Pocket gardens bring the beauty of the outdoors to those within, and a pool is always ready for a splashing good time with the family.

VCDC and Acasa Group’s power tandem, Victor and Maggie Consunji.
VCDC and Acasa Group’s power tandem, Victor and Maggie Consunji.


“I think people now place more value on their spaces, how they look, how the spaces make them feel and the functionality of their spaces,” Maggie opines, citing the experiences her family and friends had during the quarantines. “So, we wanted to integrate our furniture, home and lifestyle brand into [Acasa at Southern Plains,] where it feels like [you’re on] a permanent vacation.”

Maggie’s own furniture and design company Acasa Manila is best known for championing local materials and impeccable workmanship, as well as creating exquisite yet homey living spaces. As a way of integrating their services into the development, she and her design team help potential homebuyers transform their homes in the best— and easiest—manner possible.

“We will finish everything for you,” she explains. “Our goal is to remove a lot of the headaches your typical client would have, in terms of building, finishing and interior decorating. So, let us help you design and build the space that you have [invested] into.”

It is expected that Acasa at Southern Plains will bring VCDC’s message of reimagined modern living to other locations in Laguna and in neighbouring Batangas and create enclaves where the home truly becomes a space for quality time and enjoying the best that life has to offer.




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