Repertory Philippines Introduces Young Talent In Its First Original Musical

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August 17, 2017 | BY Paolo Vergara

Broadway-inspired musical The Glitter Trap features an all-youth crew guided by theatre veterans

Chez Cuenca as Katarina.jpg

Chez Cuenca as Katarina

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Celebrated musical theatre group Repertory Philippines introduces its latest production written and directed by industry icon Joel Trinidad, The Glitter Trap is a culminating production for the troupe’s Workshop for Performing Arts 2017. The entire cast was drawn from their Teens Master Class, with ages ranging from 4 to 18 years old. 

Set in a junior high school, the show revisits the innocence of campus concerns and young worries, when the biggest problem of a twelve year old was finding a ball date. The conflict starts when the protagonist bumps into the fairy godmother of the school’s most popular girl. Adapted from the eponymous novel by Barbara Brauner and James Iver Mattson, The Glitter Trap is crafted with fantasy elements that subvert the common logic of the usual magic and fairy godmother tropes. 


Repertory Philippines’ first original musical presents a coming-of-age tale where the protagonist learns that “having it all” isn’t what it seems. This is conveyed through the limits of magic in the story, as well as through the real-world drama of various character’s lives. Here, spells don’t solve all problems, in fact they complicate them. 


“Dancing is just like football. I try to block you, you try to block me,” the lead girl tells the campus football star right before a breaking into a memorable number. Amidst these poignant moments, the overall tone of the production –with its buoyant musical and dance numbers – is decidedly cheerful with the innocence of youth.

Rayne Cortez as Lacey.jpgRayne Cortez as Lacey

Stacy Tsai as Sunny.jpgStacy Tsai as Sunny

However, what’s unique to this production is the role stage hands play. Not only do they move objects around but moreover, they communicate emotion, often leading the audience to laughter. This directing choice harkens back to Trinidad’s origin as an actor where he learned firsthand what it takes to effectively deliver a story. 

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He says this of the cast: “This is an amazing bunch of people, I wanna work with them in every show that I produce or direct.”

With the first quarter of the schoolyear beginning in earnest across the country, take your family along as each member of any age will connect with this classic story of school, students, and growing up. With a touch of fantasy in the plot enlivened by the especially stellar acting and production values, the real magic lies in an animated weekend with kith and kin.

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Co-directed with Nicky Triviño |Music by Jon Meer Vera-Perez | Musical direction by Adonis Tabanda | Choreography by Deana Aquino

A number of show dates are planned with the first run this August 20. Enquire at or call 843.3570. Follow repertoryphilippines on Facebook and Instagram, and through @repphils on Twitter. Tickets are available at

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