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Arts Culture You Can Now Gaze At Rodolfo Gan's Abstract Works From PRISM 3 Online

You Can Now Gaze At Rodolfo Gan's Abstract Works From PRISM 3 Online

You Can Now Gaze At Rodolfo Gan's Abstract Works From PRISM 3 Online
By Christine Andas
By Christine Andas
November 09, 2020
Take a break from the real and look into Rodolfo Gan's new sculpture and painting series, PRISM 3, on Instagram!

We've been on our phones, susceptible to 'doomscrolling' and answering Zoom calls non-stop. But it's time to hit pause. Would be nice to log off from work for a while and step into the sublime with Rodolfo Gan's abstract works. In case you missed his PRISM 3 exhibit at Finale Art File, you can always visit his Instagram feed where both his sculpture and paintings can be found.

Rodolfo Gan is a decorated artist, having won both local and international art competitions in his early years. Before becoming a prominent abstract artist in the 70s, Rodolfo studied Fine Arts and majored in Advertising at the University of Santo Tomas where he also taught. His works had been displayed in exhibits such as the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the Luz Gallery. Some of Rodolfo's works had been featured in the ASEAN collection in Jakarta and Hong Kong; also in the 7th Paris Biennale in France. Recently, Rodolfo began painting again in 2014 after focusing on his printing business. 

Recently, Rodolfo shared his series of sculptures and paintings, PRISM 3, in Finale Art File.

Rodolfo explores geometric abstraction in his latest series. A shape he often reinforces is the square that accentuates scale, balance, proportion, and unity. Using an airbrush, he plays with geometric elements, gradient hues, and sharp lines. Rodolfo also uses panels to create the illusion of space — which is the idea behind Rodolfo's works. 

You can browse through Rodolfo Gan's works of abstraction up close by following him on his Instagram


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