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Arts Culture Sal Ponce Enrile Holds 2nd Solo Art Exhibit

Sal Ponce Enrile Holds 2nd Solo Art Exhibit

Sal Ponce Enrile Holds 2nd Solo Art Exhibit
By Philippine Tatler
July 08, 2019
Fresh from her stint in ArtExpo New York 2019, Sal Ponce Enrile unveiled her newest solo exhibit

Displayed in the Art Cube Gallery last June, Sal’s newest works focused on her journey in pursuing her life-long dream to be an artist.



The highlight of her stunning gallery, “Journey” tells about her incredibly interesting life. “Crucifix symbolizes leaving the past behind. The cathedral with kneeling saint represents prayers for guidance and hope, the arches are paths that without faith, we blindly choose, the flowers symbolize beauty and gratitude, the bull represents people I want to stay away from, the giant fish is for peace and contentment, the two boats are for traveling towards an unknown destination, the 4 figures represent my family, the figure on the left top corner is Jesus Christ aligned with the church on the top middle part. In all things in life, God is my guide and anchor that I look up to. This could be anyone’s journey through life,” Sal said.

Apart from Journey, twelve other paintings were showcased at the exhibit.  Visitors were treated to some of her abstract expressionist works—Blue, Ethereal, Cosmic, and Celestial, and the vivid display of color in Chasm, Comfort and Redemption among others.


Last April 2019, Agora Gallery New York selected Sal to exhibit her works in the highly prestigious Artexpo New York, which shapes trends in art galleries worldwide.  Sal’s entry into the Artexpo places her in a distinguished position, where she joins influential artists like Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Keith Haring, and Leroy Neiman, who have participated in the world’s largest art expo during its 41-year history.

Sal’s artworks are displayed in private collections in the Philippines, Germany, New York, California, and Spain. She is currently representing Agora Galley New York and Dragon Art in Marbella, Spain.


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