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Homes Scavolini's Dandy Plus Introduces Us To Fully Functional Smart Homes Perfect For The 21st Century Family

Scavolini's Dandy Plus Introduces Us To Fully Functional Smart Homes Perfect For The 21st Century Family

Scavolini's Dandy Plus Introduces Us To Fully Functional Smart Homes Perfect For The 21st Century Family
Photo: Scavolini
By Ryanne Co
By Ryanne Co
February 19, 2021
Scavolini and world-renowned Italian designer, Fabio Novembre, team up to give us the homes we so rightfully deserve in the 21st century

"Dandy is a word that brings to mind uniqueness and breaking the mould," says Fabio Novembre, the Italian designer best known for expressive art often seen in his furniture, interiors, and installations.

His kind of innovative forward-thinking is what's brought him and Scavolini, one of the biggest players in the furniture industry, together. Their fantastic collaboration, called Dandy Plus, reimagines the 21st-century approach to the kitchen, the living room, and the bathroom. 

"In the partnership with Novembre Studio, we started by thinking about the increasingly pervasive role of technology in our everyday activities and in our homes, and ended up creating a smart and comprehensive project," Fabiana Scavolini says. "By incorporating Alexa, we gave Dandy Plus a voice: a smart, innovative and comprehensive project, designed for everyone who wants an all-over digital experience at home too".

Their vision? A kitchen that "talks", with the voice of Alexa, that will also help homeowners interact and check all their appliances, be it to consult a recipe, entertain with background music, or even order food online. This is the world's first furniture system that's been specially designed with a built-in Alexa, and it's one that aims to bring communication, change, and collaboration to the forefront of your living space.

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Photo: Scavolini
Photo: Scavolini

The Kitchen

The distinguishing feature of the Dandy Plus smart home is the Task Bar, an equipped bar found underneath wall units and secured to the wall. The Task Bar is where the Alexa-compatible smart speaker is placed; it's the main control that helps activate home automation functions by voice. Be it for the lights, the music, or any other compatible appliance, the Task Bar is to be your best friend at your new smart home. 

The Task Bar also features power outlets, USB ports, shelves, accessories, and containers, all of which are highlighted by customisable elements in Coral Red, Mustard Yellow, Agave Blue, Prestige White, or Slate Black. In true Novembre fashion, these bright colours are also complemented with elegant aluminium or bronze handles made of recycled plastic. 

Living Room 

The design of the living room is a perfect complement to the kitchen, featuring the same bridge element and embellished cabinets of the cooking area. The cabinets, with its textured and customisable handles, showcase open-fronted elements available in the same rainbow of colours (Coral Red, Mustard Yellow, Agave Blue, Prestige White, or Slate Black) that go so well with the Task Bar in the kitchen. 

Accessories specially designed by Novembre for the living room include a table with elegant arched legs that contrast the curved silhouettes of Dandy Plus. 

Photo: Scavolini
Photo: Scavolini
Photo: Scavolini
Photo: Scavolini


Some might argue that the bathroom is the most important part of the house; it is after all, one of the most intimate. Dandy Plus levels up our usual toilette routine with beautiful vanity units in White Plus or Grey Plus, alongside the signature bridge structure of the kitchen and living room. 

Alexa's high-tech guidance will also be at your beck and call in the bathroom, with a Task Bar that can be fitted with various accessories such as towel rails, shelves, and even the toilet roll holder. Listen to your favourite tunes, or even the news as you shower, all with the help of Alexa.

Customise your entire space with open-fronted elements that pay homage to future technologies with Scavolini and Fabio Novembre. 

Visit the Scavolini Showroom at the 4th Floor, SM Mega Fashion Hall, Building D, Megamall, Mandaluyong City, Philippines. Send them a message at +63917 312 6607 or email them at You may also follow them @modularityhome and @scavolinimanila





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