Sinag Maynila Film Festival Opens in Major Malls Around Metro Manila

Arts & Culture

March 10, 2017 | BY Paolo Vergara

Explore films set in rural and urban Philippines showing the many faces of each locality


As the output of recent years has shown, Philippine cinema could just be entering another golden age with all the independent film festivals springing up around the archipelago. Showcasing original and truthful storytelling, Sinag Maynila joins the circuit with its repertoire of feature-length films, short films, and documentaries.

With settings from the urban to the rural and featuring a range of narratives from the whimsical to the mystical and even the political, the festival promises to deliver an intense exploration of the Filipino story with all its ups and downs. If any unifying theme is present, it’s that the production quality of each work, as the event tagline implies, is something worth visiting the cinema for.


For more details on screening schedules and film synopses, please visit Trailers may be viewed here: Videos