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July 19, 2017 | BY Shauna Popple Williams

In this Philippine Tatler exclusive, Maserati’s CEO, Jason Soong talks top tracks, his @soongit style and where long drives are everything

FA Maserati JUL2017 Jason Profile Shots-0578.JPGYes, his name is most associated with the Italian luxury sports car brand. But when you peel back the superficial layers, there’s a great deal more (even a few bet-you-didn’t-know surprises) to this elusive bachelor than the high speed world of Maserati.

Up until two years ago, the 34-year-old former varsity soccer player was still playing in the UFL Professional Soccer League. This tells you that while he certainly holds his own behind a sports car steering wheel, Jason is rather dexterous on the field as centre midfield. What many might not know is that the outgoing and gregarious jetsetter could psychoanalyse you in one sitting having took up Behavioural Science at the De La Salle University. Mind you, during those five years in college, he was simultaneously getting his jock on representing the UAAP.

Post-Uni, in 2005 he transitioned to a New York state of mind, racking up solid work experience and a New Yorker’s work ethic in the Big Apple’s retail and hospitality industries holding down two jobs with Puma and the Boutique Hotel in Downtown NY. Soon after, he returned to the Philippines in 2006 and got involved with Jaguar-Land Rover (also under the family car business) and juggled this with an events company he set up until 2009.

Jason officially took over Maserati in 2010 but somehow the indefatigable entrepreneur squeezed in the openings of various restaurants, clubs and bars with his brother, Marc. To date he has his fingers dipped in a number of trendy hot spot honeypots such as The Palace Pool Club, The Hungry Hound, Niner Ichi Nana, Crisp on the 28th, Wok to Go, Arrozeria, and Moksha and is in fact a familiar face behind the decks at a few clubs across the Metro in between his frenetic travel schedule.

FA Maserati JUL2017 Jason Profile Shots-0590.JPG

Philippine Tatler: Describe yourself in five words.

Jason Soong: Active, resourceful, friendly, passionate and dependable

PT: You have been known to spin here and there. Where do you usually spin?


  1. Yes Please
  2. Chotto Matte
  3. Time
  4.  2020
  5. The Palace Pool Club

PT: What are your top 5 tracks right now?


  1. Mrs. Cold - Kings of Convenience
  2. Teardrops - Womack and Womack
  3. Chicago -  Apres
  4. Fading Listening – Shiny Toy Guns
  5. Always (Classics remix) - Panama

PT: How would you describe your personal style – both in fashion and in music?

JS: I prefer classic when it comes to fashion and the music’s got to have a groove. 

PT: What other passions do you have besides cars, football and music?

JS: Design, travelling and boxing. I’ve been managing professional boxers for almost nine (9) years and currently have 2 champions, one is signed with Roy Jones Jr. Promotions.

PT: Describe your ideal road trip (with who, where to, and time of year).

JS: With friends and family all over Italy during summer!

PT: Favourite place or country to drive?

JS: Italy. 

PT: What’s our favourite track or album to drive to right now?

JS: We have this playlist on Spotify called Groove Weekly which we regularly update. 

PT: Who is your absolute favourite person to shot gun on long drives?

JS: My good friend, Ian [Dy]. 

PT: How does football feature in your life now? Do you miss it? How do you keep fit these days?

JS: I get to play once a week, I definitely miss the competitive training like I used to get when I played the UFL. Now, I’m into Muay Thai and loving it!

FA Maserati JUL2017 Jason Profile Shots-0554-.JPG

PT: In life, always…. (complete sentence)

JS: Be thankful.  

PT: When in doubt, always…. (finish sentence)

JS:  Know your way out. 

PT: Where do you see yourself and the company in 10 years?

JS: I can see our Maserati cars all over the streets of Metro Manila. 

PT: You used to live in NY. Do you see yourself moving back? What do you miss most about this vibrant city.

JS: Never, unless I was doing really, really well and had established myself. I miss the city – it reminds me of what it’s like to be in my early 20s hustling and working two jobs.  

PS: Please tell us about how Maserati came to partner with Hope in a Bottle and your involvement.

JS: It was through the marketing agency we work with and it just seemed to fit in with our company brand values as well as my own. 

 PS: You took up Behavioural Science – how do you apply this both in your work environment and in your personal life?

JS: I use it in Organisational Systems Development Management all the time because it’s about dealing with people. 

PT: Why did you decide to get into the F&B industry and club scene? Do you still enjoy it?

JS: It was always a dream of mine to be partners with good friends in that industry.  

PT: What’s next for Jason Soong?

JS: Workwise – it’s to further grow our current brands and definitely more DJ gigs and events.  

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