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Homes Home Tips: 6 Must-Have Items From SMEG For A Picture-Perfect Beach House Kitchen

Home Tips: 6 Must-Have Items From SMEG For A Picture-Perfect Beach House Kitchen

Home Tips: 6 Must-Have Items From SMEG For A Picture-Perfect Beach House Kitchen
By Tatler Philippines
February 15, 2021
Sun, Sea, Sand, And Smeg—make sure your beach house is decked out with the latest pieces from the crowd-favourite Italian brand

The pandemic has drastically limited our mobility and has forced us to set aside our passports. With safety in mind, many have confined their travels within our shores. It’s really not such a bad deal given the numerous attractions offered by our 7,641 islands. The opportunity to explore locally has been enthusiastically welcomed by the majority.

Those who own properties outside the city have found themselves escaping to their vacation homes more often than usual. Typically located in coastal areas, these residences provide respite from the suffocating quarantine in the city. The more frequent visits and lengthier stays have required an upgrade in facilities so a lot of beach houses are now being refurbished and renovated. And among those that are getting attention is the beach kitchen. It has gone beyond being utilitarian and is the default hang out of most families.

In the kitchen, conversations are exchanged, love is expressed, bonds are strengthened, and memories are created. Such moments deserve a special ambience. As nature provides a spectacular backdrop outdoors, you can also put together a stunning setting indoors.

With its record for combining style and cutting edge technology since 1948, Smeg is the perfect partner for your dream kitchen. Here’s a list of Smeg products that you may want to consider as you upgrade your beach kitchen design.

1/6 FAB Refrigerator

The iconic Smeg FAB refrigerator is so pretty that it is commonly referred to as a piece of art. A highly functional one, that is. Beneath its attractive retro curves are innovative technological features. It is equipped with a multi-flow cooling system which enables uniform distribution of cold air throughout the cavity, guaranteeing proper preservation of food. It has adjustable glass shelves, drawers for produce, and a thermostat that allows both electronic and manual temperature regulation. For utmost convenience, it defrosts automatically. It runs on an inverter compressor so it produces very little noise, is durable, and energy-saving. In fact, it boasts of an A +++ energy rating. Truly a beauty, inside and out, the Smeg FAB can make your kitchen extra. It’s so stylish that you can even position it in the living room. It might be a good idea to have it where everyone lounges, for easy access to cold beverages and snacks. The Smeg FAB comes in charming colours such as red, pink, pastel green, royal blue plus the more muted black and cream. Available in three sizes: the mini FAB 5, compact FAB 28, and double-door FAB 32.


2/6 Range cookers

Range cookers usually get the limelight in any kitchen, it’s where most of the action takes place. A powerful cooker, such as those in the Smeg line-up, is essential in putting together meals for any occasion. The aesthetic styles available at Smeg include the Victoria line which comes in an induction/electric or gas/electric combo, you can choose the best power source for you. It is available in sophisticated black and cream, with sizes of 60cm and 90cm. Another option is the Portofino line which brings cheer all around with a look reminiscent of Italian summer and colours in vibrant red, yellow, orange, and green. While more subdued, the 150cm Opera line is packed with features such as the teppanyaki grill and barbecue grill on top of the basic gas burners.


3/6 Dishwasher

The sight of soiled dishes might drag you out of paradise. One way to not let the mess on the sink ruin your bright mood is to get a dishwasher to take on the dirty job. Smeg dishwashers have a large volume capacity of 280 litres. This means that one load can wash more than what an average family utilizes in every meal. That’s approximately 22 pieces of big dinner plates, a dozen small/medium plates, 15 saucers, and 10 drinking glasses. Configured properly, the Smeg dishwasher can even accommodate your pots, pans, and even baby bottles. It has pre-set programs that run from 27 to 160 minutes. With its special mechanism and special anti-bacterial wash programme, your kitchenware comes out squeaky clean and disinfected. There is a free-standing version that is plug and play so you can place it anywhere in your dream kitchen layout, as long as there are electrical outlets and a water line. Also available are built-in models that can be camouflaged among the cabinetry.


4/6 Coffee machine

Chances are you would want to get your caffeine fix before you frolic under the sun. And when you all linger around the dining table after a filling meal, there will probably be several requests for coffee too. Through Smeg’s line of coffee appliances, you can bring the cafe experience with you anywhere. You won’t be pining for your usual latte from your favourite barista when you have your own Smeg coffee appliances. From the drip filter coffee machine, you can pour out the perfect americano. From the Smeg espresso machine, you can get your daily dose in a demitasse cup. The Smeg milk frother can help you whip up a fancy macchiato and the Smeg coffee grinder can give you ground coffee as fresh as the sea breeze. If you prefer a built-in coffee machine that can do it all, Smeg offers that too. You can create the best beverages when all the necessary equipment is on hand.


5/6 Breakfast items

There’s never a bad day when you’re at the beach but you can make your mornings even better with a breakfast view as picturesque as the one outside your window. The vintage aesthetics of the Smeg kettle and toaster provide an elegant touch to any table, reminiscent of a classic hotel meal. The Smeg kettle can be ready with hot water in under two minutes. And the Smeg toaster has eight browning settings to cater to everyone’s preference.

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6/6 Food preparation

To serve impressive dishes, there are small appliances that you can’t do without. The Smeg blender comes in handy for healthy smoothies, creamy soups and sauces, or even food for the youngest member of the family. It runs on a powerful motor and boasts of several functions that make consistent, precise output possible. The Smeg stand mixer is good to have in case the change in an environment inspires you to channel your inner baker and get creative with desserts. It is very versatile and can be fitted with accessories to accomplish other tasks such as grate cheese, slice pasta, and churn ice cream.

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Building your home away from home can be a fun experience and Smeg can bring more joy into your refuge in many ways.

For more details on Smeg kitchen appliances, drop by the Smeg Experience Center at Park Terraces in Makati or Design Center in Mandaue. Or visit For inquiries, message the Smeg concierge at or @smegphilippines on Instagram and @smegph on Facebook.


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