Take A Private Jet Around The World In 22 Days


September 14, 2017 | BY Chloe Pek

One private jet, nine countries, and a 22-day voyage across the globe.

Tokyo skyline views at dusk _High Res_684.jpg

Day 1-3: Tokyo, Japan

Take in the skyline views at dusk from your room in Aman Tokyo

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Day 1-3: Tokyo, Japan

After a long day of sushi-making, sword-fighting, and touring the city, relax and sink into the heated indoor pool at Aman Spa.

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Day 4-5: Shanghai, China

Explore the surrounding village of Amanyangyun, a tranquil haven juxtaposed against the bustle of the city.

Keyshot-Exterior2_High Res_11538.jpg

Day 4-5: Shanghai, China

A melting pot of cultures and history, you can participate in specialised half-day tours to discover the city's architecture from past to present, or the little-known history of Jews in China.

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Day 6-7: Vinh Hy Bay, Vietnam

After a week in the city, pace yourself and check into a peaceful sanctuary at Amanoi in Vietnam.

Enjoy a complimentary pilates or yoga class on your second day.

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Day 6-7: Vinh Hy Bay, Vietnam

Explore the pristine coast of Vinh Hy Bay and its myriad of water activities, or take a dip in the cliff pool at Amanoi.

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 Day 8-9: Phuket, Thailand

Indulge in the original Aman experience at Amanpuri, Thailand.


Sashimi Moriawase_High Res_12497.jpg

 Day 8-9: Phuket, Thailand

Amanpuri boasts a wealth of cuisine, whether it is Japanese, Thai, Italian, or South American. The Beach Club opens seasonally for lunch, with fresh catches and grilled meats.

View onto Thimphu City_High Res_8809.jpg

 Day 10-11: Thimphu, Bhutan

Set in a valley amidst forested mountains, the rustic town of Thimphu boasts beautiful landscapes that you can enjoy on hikes.

Thimphu Dest-Valley_High Res_8803.jpg

 Day 10-11: Thimphu, Bhutan

The capital of Bhutan, Thimphu houses a number of museums and memorials to immerse yourself in Bhutanese culture.

Paro Exterior _High Res_5992.jpg

 Day 11-13: Paro, Bhutan

Just an hour's drive away from Thimphu is the village of Paro, home to some of Bhutan's most treasured historial landmarks.

Paro Destination Tigers Nest _High Res_6097.jpg

 Day 11-13: Paro, Bhutan

Take a half-day hike to Tiger's Nest, one of the kingdom's most celebrated monuments. Visit the monastery that sits on the steep cliffs for tea on your way up.

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 Day 14-15: Alwar, India

Alwar is home to many historical attractions and natural wonders. Shop at the busy bazaars of Jaipur, and explore the ruins of the medieval Bhangarh city.

Arrival pavillion _High Res_6654.jpg

 Day 16-17: Peloponnese, Greece

Surrounded by olive groves in the Peloponnese countryside, the Amanzoe is a sight to behold for its Olympian-inspired architecture.

Beach club_High Res_2751.jpg

 Day 16-17: Peloponnese, Greece

Between visiting the ancient ruins of Olympia and Grecian monuments, bask in the natural beauty of Peloponnese for its pristine white beaches and clear waters.The beach club at Amanzoe hosts an array of water sports and houses four swimming pools.

Aman Spa_High Res_2456.jpg

 Day 18-19: Montenegro

Rich in culture is the Balkan country of Montenegro, south of the Adriatic sea. Here, you can visit monuments and architecture that tell of the country's history, and explore the terrain by hiking, horseback riding, biking or kayaking.

Villa Milocer Loggia (terrace and dining) _High Res_1160.jpg

 Day 18-19: Montenegro

Wander through the cobbled streets of Kotor, a UNESCO world heritage site. The medieval town boasts picturesque views of the coast, with a wealth of museums, churches and cafes to spend the day exploring.

Ballroom_High Res_685.jpg

 Day 20-22: Venice, Italy

What better way to end the expedition than with one of the most beautiful cities in the world? Spend your days in Venice visiting museums, historial monuments and churches. Of course, a Gondola ride on the Grand Canal is a must.

For adventurous globe trotters, a three-week group tour can come across as a bore—unless you add a round-the-world trip and a swanky private jet to the mix.

Recognising the wanderlust of luxury travellers, Aman is launching a 22-day global expedition aboard a private 18-seater Airbus ACJ 319, in collaboration with luxury travel designer, Remote Lands. Gone are the inconveniences of air travel, because all you need to do is hop on and off between destinations.

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From April 15 to May 6, 2018—coinciding with the cherry blossom season in Japan—the round-the-world trip takes you across nine countries, from cosmopolitan cities the likes of Tokyo and Shanghai, rustic getaways in Bhutan and India, to Mediterranean wonders in Greece and Italy.

Every night, retire into your suite and luxuriate in restful sleep at Aman’s four to five-star accommodations, and in the day, enjoy the freedom and privacy of your very own car, chauffeur, and guide as you explore the culture and sights of each destination.

And with cocktail and dinner parties at each stop, you’ll be making dates for meals with your travel companions in no time. After all, the expedition is limited to only 16 travellers, so there are plenty of opportunities to familiarise yourselves.

For more information on the itinerary, visit aman.com.

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