Tatler Tips: Throwing an Oscar Party


February 22, 2017 | BY Sharmaine Uy

Whether you’re catching the 89th Academy Awards live or watching the prime time rerun, here are some tips on how to get in on the fun

With the 2017 Oscars less than a week away, all hell has probably broken loose inside the Dolby Theatre, where they will award the year’s most outstanding achievements in film. You can also celebrate Hollywood’s most prestigious night by hosting your own Oscar party in the comforts of your home; allow us to show you how it’s done:

Invite friends over


Watching the award ceremony is best enjoyed in the company of fellow movie lovers. Share the highs or lows of watching your favourites win or lose in their respective categories.

Dress up the house


Roll out the red carpet, deck the halls with golden stars, bust out those holiday lights once more—it’s a swanky party after all.

Cast your votes


What good is an Oscar party if you’re not going to celebrate the nominated films? Make sure to come to the party prepared—that you’ve seen the films and have decided on your picks for the categories. Cast your votes using the Oscar ballot if you want to take it a step further. Trust us, this will make for an ENDLESSLY compelling discussion.

Bring on the glam


Since this is Hollywood’s most glamourous party, it could be fun to get all dressed up just like your favourite stars.

Pop the champagne


Make sure there’s enough bubbly to go around to get you through the agony of seeing your bets lose (and also those painful commercial breaks).

Prepare a feast


As usual, Wolfgang Puck will be cooking for the stars on the big night. Make sure you have your own delicious banquet prepared for your anxious guests. Hors d'oeuvres like dip platters, canapés, chicken tenders, cold cuts, cheese, tartlets, and fresh fruits covered in chocolate will do, but don’t forget the popcorn.

Play some games


Kill the commercial time by playing a quick trivia game or Oscar charades. This is also especially helpful when the ceremony trickles into its third hour, as it usually does. In 2016, the Oscars ran for 3 hours and 37 minutes.

Give out gift bags


Oscar nominees will be taking home VERY pricey “swag bags” by the end of the night, so it’s only fitting to hand out your own souvenirs. Throw in some chocolates, cookies, and tiny bottles of liquor if you can. To make it extra special, give out miniature Oscar statuettes so that your guests will never forget this party.