Tatler Tips: What not to do when you have a cold


January 27, 2017 | BY Dorynna Untivero

If you’re not inclined to being called patient zero, here are some tips you can follow to avoid spreading the common cold

The common cold is a mild viral infection of your upper respiratory tract  . There’s no cure for it, and it will typically go away in a week or two. Although it isn’t all that harmful, it might not feel that way. Here are some don'ts to remember when you’re going through the dreadful experience:

Coming into work/ school


If you’re feeling the least bit feverish, it’s best to rest it out at home. Don’t risk indulging in the tiresome duties of your workplace as it will only prolong your recovery.

Shaking Hands


If you can’t afford to be away from work, it’s still best not to shake hands with anyone else.



Avoid the requisite beso with friends or titas – much better to keep our loved-ones disease-free.

Drinking from someone else’s glass

glass.jpegJust don’t do it.

Eating off of someone else’s plate


It doesn’t matter if it’s your partner, sibling,  parent, or bff – don’t expose them to the virus! 

Kissing someone

kiss.jpgTell your S.O. – better luck next time!

Bum from another person’s cigarette


Well, you shouldn’t even be smoking while you’re sick in the first place!

Not covering with a handkerchief


Avoid sneezing/ coughing on people in general, colds or not – especially babies! 

Friendly hug


Sure you’re feeling a bit vulnerable since you’re sick, but that doesn’t mean you have to start an epidemic!

Snotty Hands


Please don’t forget to sanitize your hands!

Snotty Tissues


Don’t leave crumpled and used tissues around, not only is it untidy, it just makes your workspace a hub for disease. Dispose of them properly. 

Eating shared hors d’oeuvres


Best not to plunge your hands into a bowl of peanuts in a restaurant or bar.


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