Tatler Tips: 10 Lift Lessons


August 25, 2017 | BY Isabel Martel Francisco

An etiquette guide for lift rides

We take the lift so often throughout our lives that many of us take for granted the common courtesies we owe to others who share the ride. In your apartment building, at the office, in the mall, or the airport ---minding your manners is important in any and every scenario. 

Avoid being known as the building’s most obtuse character and take note of these 10 #TatlerTips in order to become the ideal lift rider:

Hush hush4.jpg

Do not continue to chat across the elevator, it can be very annoying to other passengers and is unecessary. If you reaaallyy need to keep talking, keep it quiet. 

You are definitely not THAT hungry

eating in lift.jpegWait until you reach your floor, home, office etc … Do not eat while in the lift.

Cover your mouth

sick.jpgDo not sneeze and cough without doing so. The lift is such a small space so please be considerate of others.

You are being watched

being watched.jpgRemember that there is a camera so be mindful of your behaviour – keep it classy


6.jpgUnless you are injured do not use the lift to go up or down one floor…

Waiting game

2.jpgDo not keep the doors open just to talk to a friend who is not going to join you for the ride. Other people should not have to wait for you and will be absolutely irritated if you keep them waiting.


3.coverjpg.jpgDo not over crowd! If the lift is full, its full.

Say excuse me

5.jpgWhen you are exiting the lift, mind your manners and say “excuse me,” “this is my floor” or “pardon me” etc.

Entitled you are not

7.jpgDon’t take up too much space -- try your best to accommodate others.

First in, first out

1.jpgWhen the lift doors open, let everyone exit before you waltz on in. I mean, logically, it does not make sense to do otherwise. 

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