#TatlerTips: Stay Fit When You Travel


March 15, 2017 | BY Dorynna Untivero

Whenever you travel, it can be challenging to keep up with your regular fitness routine as you're away from the comforts of your go-to workout environment. We've come up with some easy tips you can try whenever you're travelling that will make sure you find a balance between relaxation, adventure, and fitness: 


Pack For A Workout

An easy way to make sure you get even the slightest bit of exercise on your trip is to pack like so. Bring a nice workout ensemble, some training items like a resistance band, jumping rope, or ankle weights. If its in your bag, there's already a fifty percent chance you'll use it. 

TATLER TIP: Bring a pair of training sneakers that look fashionable so you can also use them with casual clothing when exploring your vacation destination. 

#TatlerTips: Stay Fit When You Travel

 Walk, walk, walk!

It's a new place - explore and find adventure! Sometimes it could be more rewarding to get lost in a new city, experience the sights like a local and walk around leisurely. Don't forget to turn on your phone's pedometer so you can keep track on the number of steps you've taken in a day. Before you know it, you're racking up 20, 000 steps just by exploring  the sights! 

TATLER TIP:  The American Council on Exercise has estimated that 10, 000 steps can burn up to 3, 500 calories - now isn't that great?


Stay Away From Junk Food

Sometimes, it can be a bit of an adjustment when you're in a new place. There's a tendency to find and rely on places that are familiar, and often times that can be fastfood establishments. Don't waste your experience on a quick (albeit comfortable) fix at a foodchain you also have back home. Exploration is not only physical, it can be gustatory too. Indulge in some fine local produce and save yourself from the empty calories of junk food. 

#TatlerTips: Stay Fit When You Travel

Try out a local sports activity

Every locality will always have their own twist or version of a sport. If you're staying on an island, make sure you try out water sports like surfing or kayaking. If you're up in the mountains, find a trail and take a day for trekking. In an urban city, your best friend will always be walking, but if you're feeling more adventurous, take a fitness class. Yoga, spinning, boxing -- these mainstream activities may be available around the corner from where you stay. 


Keep your workouts short and sweet

If you're not privy to trying out a class, you can visit your hotel's gym or even make use of your room as a space to exercise. When working out while on vacation, it can be smart to stick to short yet high-intensity workouts - as these can bring the heart rate up, burn calories, and build muscle without expending too much time. Try a few circuit exercises, or strenght train. If you don't have weights or a resistance band, use your own body weight to train. You can do a variation of planks, squats, lunges, or push-ups. For an extra kick: do burpees or skater hops. 

TATLER TIP: To make sure you get a well rounded workout, try to go through a mental list: legs, glutes, abs, and arms. Work your way up with focused exercises for each body part. Don't forget to warm-up before and stretch after. 

#TatlerTips: Stay Fit When You Travel

 Water is your best friend

If you really want to avoid the extra calories, then pass on any drink that isn't water. This will surely save you a ton of calories without even trying. Eitherway, be sure to drink up frequently to keep your body hydrated and full - this can also prevent overeating.

TATLER TIP:  A cup (248g) of raw orange juice can be around 45 calories - if you opt for water, you can already save that much!


 Don't eat two bad meals in a row

You're on vacation, of course it's essential to indulge! However, it could be a good idea to regulate. If you already had a scrumptious breakfast - perhaps you can order a light salad for lunch. Make sure to alternate so you don't end up putting on the extra weight. 

#TatlerTips: Stay Fit When You Travel

 Dance the night away!

Out to a party? Then the best way to stay active is to dance, dance, dance! Have fun and allow yourself to enjoy the night. 

TATLER TIP: Low impact aerobic dancing can burn up to 272 calories per hour - so pump up the volume and dance to your heart's fulfillment!

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