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Toys Tesla Unveils Ventilator Made From Model 3 Car Parts

Tesla Unveils Ventilator Made From Model 3 Car Parts

Tesla Unveils Ventilator Made From Model 3 Car Parts
By Relaxnews
April 07, 2020
Over the weekend, Tesla published a video to YouTube updating the world on how the company is working to support those on the frontlines of the COVID-19 battle; on Sunday, the company revealed that it has engineered a ventilator out of Tesla car parts.

To help the medical industry without taking away any of their supplies, Tesla is working on developing ventilators made primarily out of existing Model 3 car parts. 

Naturally, the company's engineering teams know these components and their reliability incredibly well and have therefore been able to draw up a schematic diagram for a car part-based coronavirus ventilator relatively quickly.

The first prototype of the machine has since been upgraded and organised to fit into a box whose components are actually controlled by a Model 3 infotainment system. Relevant respiratory information is actually shown on the brand's Model 3 touchscreen display.

Like Tesla, other automobile companies like GM and Ford have been working to create ventilators and other medical devices to manage the worldwide shortage of coronavirus medical supplies.

At this point, this Tesla ventilator is still in development, though the company's engineers are working diligently to bring this device to reality and support those on the frontlines and in hospital beds combating COVID-19.

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