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Wellness The Aivee Clinic Receives Multiple Honours At 5th Golden Record Awards

The Aivee Clinic Receives Multiple Honours At 5th Golden Record Awards

Photo: The Aivee Clinic
By Ryanne Co
By Ryanne Co
October 28, 2020
Through their incredible sweep at the 5th Golden Record Awards, the Aivee Clinic reestablishes its position at the forefront of aesthetics and dermatology.

It's no surprise that the challenges brought upon by the pandemic this year have affected a variety of industries to varying degrees. Without a doubt, one of the worst-hit are businesses within the fields of aesthetics and dermatology. Having been forced to temporarily close for months at a time, clinics, beauty centres, and aesthetic hubs have struggled to stay afloat while remaining relevant to their audience. The Aivee Clinic, despite all its success, is no exemption. Yet, through its struggles, the Aivee Clinic has managed to adapt to the times — overcoming limitations while taking positive turns in order to respond to the current circumstances. 

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Photo: The Aivee Clinic
Photo: The Aivee Clinic

The Aivee Clinic recently made a fantastic sweep of the awards at the 5th Golden Record Awards. 

Just a few months ago, the Aivee Clinic had bagged the Overall 7-Star Champion Award at the 2020 Merz Tala Awards. Now, they have proven themselves yet again at the 5th Golden Record Awards by bagging five other recognitions including the Accelerated Growth Ultherapy Transducers Asia Pacific Category B (Regional), the Highest Achievement Ultherapy®️ Transducers Asia Pacific Category B (Regional; 1st Runner-Up), Merz Portfolio Highest Achievement (Country), and Ultherapy Transducers Highest Achievement (Country).

With these honours under their belt, the Aivee Clinic was given the recognition it deserves as one of the top-performing Merz Portfolio providers in Asia, beating out competition from Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

“More than anything else we are just happy that the Aivee Clinic has [shown] not only to the Philippines but the whole local aesthetic industry, that despite the pandemic we can still rise above all the struggles and challenges that we have faced this year," Dr Aivee Teo said.

Her husband and Aivee Clinic CEO, Dr Z Teo, added: "I have always told Aivee that our vision for the Aivee Clinic is to be recognised on an international stage. We are just really happy and proud that we have managed to do that. For all our hard-working staff, and doctors and I will never forget to give honour to my wife for being the hardest working person in the whole country in this industry.”

Photo: The Aivee Clinic

The couple's dedication towards their customers' health and beauty is truly astounding. In fact, it is what they say keeps them going amid these troubling times. If these awards have any indication, the Aivee Clinic is only sure to keep coming up stronger and better as the years go by. 

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