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Homes The Elements Of A Minimalistic Bathroom

The Elements Of A Minimalistic Bathroom

The Elements Of A Minimalistic Bathroom
By Jeanna Lanting
By Jeanna Lanting
May 10, 2019
A minimalistic bathroom requires more than just furnishing the space with the essentials. With the Viu and XViu ranges, Duravit allows one to do just that. Sharp contrasts in their designs and choice of material create forward-looking pieces. With elements that commit to both function and aesthetics, one not only creates a serene space but a modern one as well.

1/5 Smooth Surfaces

Minimalistic spaces do away with loud prints and textures and instead call to mind crisp and clean surroundings. The best way to achieve this is to choose pieces that come in solid colours and sport high-gloss or matte finishes. Take for example the ceramic Viu c-bonded above-counter washbasins, which blend seamlessly with XViu’s metal console.

2/5 Inconspicuous Storage Spaces

Vanity units with built in drawers and mirrors that open to become cabinets—these are some of the ways that storage spaces can be hidden away from plain sight. This leads to the appearance of a clutter-free bathroom while simultaneously keeping your bath essentials within reach. The XViu tall cabinet, with its smoked glass door, keeps your items expertly concealed and offer a sense of privacy as well.

3/5 Wall-mounted Fixtures

Apart from creating more space, wall-mounted fixtures like the Duravit Rimless® and SensoWash® Slim Viu toilets boast of their technological prowess. These compact pieces include built-in bidets and push buttons for removing seat covers—features that add a modern feel to the space and allow users to exert minimal effort, too.

4/5 Precise Fit

Standalone pieces are perfect additions to a minimalistic bathroom for their precise geometry. Angular units like XViu’s v-shaped free-standing bathtub encased in a metal frame don’t just serve their function but provide an eye-catching detail to an otherwise basic room.

5/5 Harmonious Design

Each piece in the bathroom, from the toilet to the tub, should share a similar design theme and colour scheme. These tie the elements of one’s bathroom neatly and allow them to fit seamlessly together. The Viu and XViu series serves this function, and lets one add a personal touch to the space.

In the Philippines, Duravit is exclusively distributed by Kuysen Enterprises. (


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