The Fabulously Awesome Tablescape: Pulpo's New Table Accessories Collection


October 2, 2017 | BY AFP Relaxnews

The German design brand has added a new range of eclectic decorative items to its collection. "The Fabulously Awesome Tablescape" includes a host of new vases, boxes, trays, glasses, carafes and decorative items, designed to build diverse and playful landscapes of objects on tables and sideboards.

"Bola" and "Llano" by RSW

The RSW design trio has created several pieces for Pulpo. "Bola" is a set of boxes made from black beech wood, each topped with a pink ceramic faceted sphere.


RSW's "Llano" boxes for Pulpo come in green-colored beech wood and are topped with a black ceramic decoration.


"Building," "Lake" and "Mountain" by Ferréol Babin 


French designer Ferréol Babin created three ceramic pieces bringing a miniature landscape to the home. "Building" is an amusing ceramic box evoking the shape of a building. The "Lake" bowl comes in turquoise blue or cobalt blue and can be matched with the "Mountain" vase, available in "Terracotta" and "Umbra" colors.

"Deer,""Giraffe," "Rhino" and "Swan" by Kai Linke 

g.jpgKai Linke has designed a set of bronze animal statuettes, with a deer, a giraffe, a rhinoceros and a swan.

"Neolit" by Studio Furthermore 

still_life_neol.1d82e085201.original.jpgThe "Neolit" bowls by Studio Furthermore are made out of ceramic-covered foam pieces, a technique developed by the design studio. 

"Potpourri" by Meike Harde 

still_life_potp.3f030085503.original.jpgGerman designer Meike Hardea has made four sets of glasses and carafes entitled "Potpourri." These handblown glass creations combine colored transparency, opalescent and polished surfaces, organic and geometric shapes.


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