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September 16, 2016 | BY Eirah Ople

From being a regular car user to becoming the president of BMW ACC, Maricar Parco shares the story of her uphill journey in the motoring industry with Philippine Tatler.



As a driven hardworking woman, Maricar Parco never thought that being in the motoring industry was unconventional. Joining the industry wasn’t part of her plan, but Honda hired the then-fresh graduate as a part of its pioneer team, which led to her first foray into the industry. From there, she moved on to American brand Ford, where she found herself on a much larger playing field. Great as the work was, Parco eventually had to slow down and focus on her personal life. BMW offered her a dealership level post, which was a step down from her distributorship level at Ford, but she accepted it with no regrets. On her first day at work, her then-boss Jim Alvarez allowed her to drive a BMW for the first time. “I never thought I would own a BMW,” says Parco. “That was a really great experience and was also quite funny. I drove a make from the 3-Series and a friend actually saw me and called me up to ask, ‘My goodness, was that you?’ The BMW is definitely a head turner.”

Prior to joining the industry, she had next to no knowledge about cars. All that changed when she entered the world of motoring and became attuned to everything about cars; now she can even list down her favourite BMWs. “I’ve always said it was the X5, our first sports activity vehicle because of its versatility—it is a very stylish SUV that I can use t o take my two boys for a ride,” says Parco. “Nowadays, since I can’t drag my kids everywhere, I prefer the BMW 2-Series which is great for a weekend drive. And who can forget the BMW flagship, the technologically-advanced 7-Series?”

Now on her fifth year as the BMW ACC President, Parco knows that she was meant to work in the automobile industry. Although still being frequently asked why she chose a seemingly masculine industry, she doesn’t see it as an insult. “I t’s always fun with cars, and being with the guys makes you learn a little bit,” says Parco. “I naturally stand out by just being a woman.”

Planning ahead for BMW’s 100th year anniversary, Parco has plans to hold more activities for its loyal customers. “We’ve always been the leader, so we’re expected to elevate everything, and not only in products,” says Parco. “We’re always planning to work towards giving the customers the best experience before and after purchasing our vehicles.”

Photography: Jinggo Montenejo

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