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Wellness The Medical City Now Offers Wellness Staycations: An Escape To Better Health

The Medical City Now Offers Wellness Staycations: An Escape To Better Health

The Medical City Now Offers Wellness Staycations: An Escape To Better Health
The lobby at the WAI is designed to be warm and welcoming
By Tatler Philippines
December 21, 2020
After all the stress and weariness brought about by the year’s woes, everyone needs a restorative getaway to bring them back to good health. For this, The Medical City offers exactly what we need: a wellness staycation

2020 became the year when we all worried about our health in light of the looming spectre that is the coronavirus. But, at the same time, we fretted over being able to keep ourselves healthy. A deep fear of infection and contagion prevented many of us from going in for our usual consultations with our regular physicians or specialists. Likewise, the need to prevent the spread of the virus led to the indefinite closure of many gyms and fitness centres, as well as spas, aesthetic clinic, and wellness hubs that all played a part in helping people stay fit and healthy.

But now, as this article goes to press, it is heartening to note that severe cases in many cities throughout the country have begun to dwindle and medical professionals are keeping their fingers crossed for the continued reduction of cases and an increase in the number of recovered patients. In which case, people are now looking forward to taking a breather from all the stress that they’ve been under for much of this year —and many hope that this respite will also enable them to relax, rejuvenate, and recover in restful and comfortable surroundings. For that, The Medical City‘s Wellness and Aesthetics Institute (WAI) aims to deliver optimal health to those seeking a healthier way of life in these unusual times.

WAI is
staffed by doctors who look
into a variety of modalities
for optimal health
WAI is staffed by doctors who look into a variety of modalities for optimal health


WAI is a facility within The Medical City that is dedicated to wellness by all means, including the growing practice of Lifestyle Medicine: a discipline that is rapidly gaining ground within the global medical community for its focus on optimising an individual’s health by targeting the clinical root causes of their conditions: namely, lifestyle factors such as stress management, nutritional issues, sleep patterns, exercise, as well as addictive behaviours. Indeed, two of its physicians, Dr Christian J Flores and Dr Maria Kathrina Theresa Bundalian are credentialed under the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine—an aspect that easily assures those coming in that their health is in highly competent hands. At WAI, patients are able to get ample care at the hands of our highly-qualified roster of physicians and medical professionals while relaxing in rooms and suites that are at par with some of the country’s leading hotels and resorts. While part of The Medical City, this facility has been set apart from the rest of the hospital: it has its own wing, dedicated entrances, and surgical zone—which means that those coming in are kept safe from possible infections.


In order to address the unique wellness concerns of each individual, WAI is divided into two centres: one that is focused on preventive and promotive health which may be caused by faulty lifestyles and habits, and another that offers aesthetic services to improve one’s appearance. The Centre for Preventive Health and Lifestyle Medicine takes a holistic approach to wellness as it utilises various clinical and diagnostic processes to get to the root of a patient’s condition and follows up each medical and health condition with the relevant medical strategies from primary care health promotive and preventive approaches to subspecialty care for advance medical management. These are all aimed towards lasting optimal health for the patient through modifications to their lifestyle in terms of stress reduction, optimal physical movement, better nutrition, and improved sleep.

The Centre’s scope includes paediatrics, adult and geriatric wellness, genderspecific health programmes, weight/ obesity management, as well as the practice of complementary medicine such as acupuncture. Aesthetics by The Medical City, on the other hand, seeks to improve the lives of patients through a stronger sense of self and boosted confidence through better skin care and an extensive selection of cosmetic surgical procedures performed by highly competent professionals. With all these services located within one wing, The Medical City is certainly delivering on its promise of improving the lives of Filipinos through the best possible ways of ensuring great health at any age.

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