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Arts Culture The New Breed: Lee Paje

The New Breed: Lee Paje

The New Breed: Lee Paje
By Cristina Morales
May 24, 2015

The resurgence of Philippine creativity has attracted the international art world’s attention; Philippine Tatler sits down with seven of the country’s most promising artists.

Art is how Lee Paje expresses and explores themes and issues that she feels strongly about. Much of her body of work aims to defy stereotypes, whether in contemporary lifestyles, issues of gender fluidity, or the role of the woman. For years, she had practically forgotten about her passion for art, and had almost completely stopped creating altogether. Taking heed of her family’s wishes for her to observe prudence and practicality, Paje had earned a degree in communication arts in college, and went into marketing immediately after graduation. However, she realised that something was missing and decided to pursue fine arts. Her parents balked at the idea, but when Paje graduated with a magna cum laude distinction, they finally acknowledged that their daughter was doing what she was meant for. “I had to prove to everyone, including myself, that this was what I really wanted to do,” she says, “and I did.”

Photo by Sara Black

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