The Rolls-Royce For The Next Generation


March 3, 2017 | BY Michael Wan

The Black Badge Wraith and Ghost are driving design forward

Black Badge 005.jpg

Photo courtesy of Rolls-Royce

Described as a 'creature of the night' by Paul Harris, regional director for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in Asia Pacific, the slick Rolls-Royce Black Badge Wraith and Ghost are both an indulgent tribute to today's young, successful and affluent entrepreneurs. 

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The two latest models from Rolls-Royce offer a new driving experience for those fortunate enough to get behind the wheel.


Before stepping into the car, stop to appreciate the luxurious deep black shine on the body, achieved with multiple layers of paint and endless amounts of hand polish. The 'Flying Lady' mutates into a high-gloss black vamp, while the chrome grill surround is also black.

Ultra-light 21-inch alloy wheels are a bespoke touch on this car, using composite carbon fibre to create a unique driving experience.


While Rolls-Royce maintains tradition in the craftsmanship, they aren't afraid to introduce innovative materials and techniques for the modern driver. Inside, the polished wood dashboard and cabin centrepiece have been replaced with fine aluminium threads (0.014mm) woven and bonded with carbon fibre to create a fresher, modernised feel in these classic cars. 

Black Badge 04.jpg

Photo courtesy of Rolls-Royce


Take a moment to look for the fine and subtle touches reminding you that this is not an ordinary Rolls-Royce. The double 'R' badge has inverted to become silver on black, the infinity logo embroidered on the upholstery, and the clock with orange tip dials are elegant design details, complemented by innovative technologies like Satellite Aided Transmission, which predicts the road ahead to for automatic gear selection, and automated night-vision LED headlights.


It's not all nifty gadgets and sleek exteriors, though. Beneath their black tuxedos, both Roll-Royce Black Badge cars have enlarged engines, bringing you more power than ever before.

Compared to the standard Wraith, the Black Badge Wraith has 70Nm more torque to 870 Nm, tweaked suspension and an upgraded gearbox. The Ghost Black Badge now has 603hp, an increased torque of 60Nm to 840Nm, and upgrades to the gearbox.  

Breaking away from tradition, this car beckons to the risk-takers and rule-breakers to get out of the back seat and drive.

Visit the Rolls-Royce showroom for more details.

Michael Wan is an automotive connoisseur from the Cotswolds of England, where he was surrounded by exotic motor cars and farm animals. Now based in Hong Kong, he loves to write about car enthusiasts, test supercars and drive classic cars.

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