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Travel Some Of The Countries That Don't Celebrate Christmas

Some Of The Countries That Don't Celebrate Christmas

Some Of The Countries That Don't Celebrate Christmas
By Mari Carmen Dávila
By Mari Carmen Dávila
December 23, 2019
Merry, not Christmas!

Every country has its own traditional way of celebrating the holiday season, and although Christmas is celebrated in more than 160 countries, there are many countries who don't commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Whether you're a self-proclaimed Grinch or merely looking for an alternative holiday experience at this time of year, here are four destinations that steer clear of the Christmas spirit.

1/4 Russia

Although you will certainly find snow, lights and decorations, the Russian Orthodox Chruch celebrates Christmas on January 7, rather than December 25, as the church uses the old ‘Julian’ calendar to mark religious holidays. So, if you happen to visit the country this month, prepare not to be carolled to. 

2/4 Morocco

Morocco is predominantly Muslim, so Christmas is not a major holiday. Alternatively, bright coloured lanterns and the sound of the call to prayer from a Mosque may beckon you if you visit this season, so you definitely cannot say that there's a lack of spirit. 

3/4 The Maldives

Ninety-nine per cent of the Maldivian population is Muslim, and this is the reason why you won't find Christmas decorations around town, apart from resorts catering to a strong international clientele. That said, white-sand beaches, crystal clear water and vibrant coral reefs might not make you miss the traditional holiday at all. 

4/4 Turkey

As another pre-dominantly Muslim country, in Turkey, December 25 passes by as just another day. But let's be honest, Istanbul’s stunning sites and vibrant neighbourhoods are enough to keep you distracted from Christmas customs you can experience any other year. 

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