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Wellness COVID Essentials: You Can Now Buy FineGuard Face Masks In The Philippines

COVID Essentials: You Can Now Buy FineGuard Face Masks In The Philippines

COVID Essentials: You Can Now Buy FineGuard Face Masks In The Philippines
Photo: Fine Guard Philippines Instagram
By Ryanne Co
By Ryanne Co
October 09, 2020
Living amid a pandemic can be scary — Fortunately, technology is on our side. One such example is the new innovation by Fine Guard, a company that has created a revolutionary new mask to help protect you against COVID-19.

Hypochondriacs can relate: the uncertainty of the times is terrifying and battling against an invisible opponent simply adds to the anxiety.

As much as people want to stay home, not everyone can. And even while people have come to lessen their time outdoors, there have still been reports of those getting infected while at home. That's the difficult part about things these days: there's very little surety even as our communities continue to practice the most stringent of health protocol. But while there is no sure-fire way to avoid the coronavirus, continuing to wear masks remains one of the best practices to follow — and Fine Guard is here to help. 

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Launched last February 2020, Fine Guard carries a line of hygiene products that have finally reached Philippine shores. At the moment, they carry a line of masks and gloves made with breakthrough Livinguard technology from Switzerland. For those who haven't heard, Livinguard is an innovative new invention that claims to protect you and everyone around you from pathogens. The company's CEO, James Lafferty, says: "The Livinguard technology is a very simple technology which basically neutralises bacteria and viruses on contact." 

He clarifies Livinguard's process through a few scientific principles. He first states that all microbes (including the coronavirus) have negatively charged cell walls. Using the principle of charge interaction, Livinguard utilises 25 billion positive ions to attract and rupture negative ions. This process, which is one of the ways antimicrobial agents work, essentially breaks down the virus at a physical level, leaving them inactive and harmless to the mask's wearers. Interestingly enough, Fine Guard's masks have also been peer reviewed by international academicians and is endorsed by the Medical Wellness Association. News from Freie Universität Berlin have also endorsed Livinguard's efficacy in deactiviting the SARS-CoV-2 virus. James Lafferty himself claims that: "The real protection against viruses [on the mask] is the Anti-viral technology of Livinguard. That’s what protects you."

The masks—which now come without valves—are also designed for an assortment of purposes. Notably, they have masks for comfort, for sports, and for children. All these come with the protective spell of Livinguard technology to ensure everyone you love is safe, no matter the age or activity. 

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Fine Guard masks are not just a great choice for those who are looking for an added measure of safety—they're also great for environmentalists. As a reusable mask, they trump disposable ones, which have been adding to the global pollution problem by the day. Although the mask is said to be most effective before it hits 30 washes, it can still be worn as an ordinary face mask afterwards, making it a great alternative for those who want the best of both sustainability and efficacy. 

For more information, visit Fine Guard Philippines on their social media page. 


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