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Homes Tips On Boosting Your Internet Connection At Home

Tips On Boosting Your Internet Connection At Home

Tips On Boosting Your Internet Connection At Home
By Relaxnews
March 19, 2020
With self-isolation taking place in many places around the world, these circumstances have highlighted more than ever the need for a reliable and if possible fast internet connection, whether for work or leisure. The French Electronic Communications and Press Distribution Authority (ARCEP) has offered some basic advice on how to boost your internet connection in these exceptional times.

Optimise your wireless connection

To get the best from your WiFi connection, you should ensure that your router occupies a central position in your home, in a clear area and away from other wireless equipment. As a general rule, the more recent the router the better, and in particular you should opt for 5 gigahertz rather than a 2.4 GHz frequency configuration.

Choose a wired solution

More often than not, the fastest solution for working from home is to wire your computer directly to your router using an Ethernet cable. Unlike WiFi, this type of connection allows you to take advantage of all of the bandwidth available to your home.

Switch to 3G

If for some reason, your domestic connection is too slow, you can use a 3G smartphone as a router. To this end, you should connect your smartphone to your computer, and choose the "share connection" option in the phone settings. However, don't forget to take into account the amount of internet use allowed by your mobile phone package so as not to exceed your authorised limit.

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