Tourism Driving Roxas Boulevard Renaissance


November 15, 2016 | BY Philippine Tatler

Okada Manila set to open in December 2016 which aims to revive Roxas Boulevard.

Department of tourism assistant secretary Frederick M. Alegre states "Over the past century, we have seen a considerable paradigm shift among national governments and developers around the world to set their sights  on integrated resort casino's positive value and substantial contribution to the country's economic growth and global image."

When Okada Manila opens its unique attraction in December 2016, tourism revenues are sure to take a significant boost and will re-establish the entire stretch of Roxas boulevard-- from Intramuros in manila to the entertainment city in Paranaque as the most iconic tourist spot in the country's capital with an unparalleled view of the world-famous manila bay sunset.

 By digging deep into the Roxas boulevard's buried tourism potential, the goverment hand-in-hand  with private  companies have clearly ushered  in a renaissance of an almost- forgotten landmark in the heart of the country's capital. 

This renewed interst in the area south of manila has clearly created a flurry of economic activities--from foreign direct investments and higher tourist arrivals to local employment and increased domestic spending- whose benefits will be felt not only in Roxas Boulevard but far beyond the boundaries of this iconic landmark.

An achievement that will go down in the country's history as an era of unprecedented development and significant growth, the Roxas Boulevard renaissance only demonstrates what the Philippines can offer and clearly poises  the country into a prime  position to capture the expected growth in international tourism in the coming years.