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Wellness Here’s Why You’ll Only Ever Need A Single Pair Of Glasses

Here’s Why You’ll Only Ever Need A Single Pair Of Glasses

Here’s Why You’ll Only Ever Need A Single Pair Of Glasses
By Philippine Tatler
June 24, 2019
You will never have to switch pairs again with Transitions®

Have you ever experienced travelling with at least 2 pairs of glasses taking up precious space in your carry-on? How about frantically switching from prescription eyewear to activated or tinted lenses to avoid the intense glare of sunlight? You might have gotten so used to it now that you don’t notice how inconvenient it really is. But what if there’s a way to just have the hassle-free benefit of one pair of glasses for all situations?

Clear lenses indoors
Clear lenses indoors
Activated lenses outdoors
Activated lenses outdoors

There’s no need to keep separate pairs of glasses for different purposes when you have lenses that adapt to changing light conditions. Open your eyes to a brighter, clearer world with Transitions® Light Intelligent Lenses™.

You might be wondering, what does it mean to wear “Light Intelligent Lenses?”

Light intensity changes at every turn, so your eyes do their best to adjust to it. When you draw the curtains to let the sunshine through your dimly-lit bedroom, your eyes squint at the glare. This is their natural defense against harsh light. When you sit in front of the computer eight hours a day, you’re also exposed to light that causes strain. In one day, your eyes go through countless adjustments to protect itself, and this results to fatigue.

Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses aid your eyes in the process of adapting to changing light conditions by visibly darkening the shade. But equally important is their ability to help block UVA and UVB rays and protect the eyes from harmful blue light that can be absorbed from the screens of electronic devices and LED displays, and the biggest culprit of all, the sun.

Substance also meets style because Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses allow for personalisation. You can choose from an array of colours for the lenses--from three iconic colours and four style colours--to match perfectly with your frame.

You will only ever need one pair of glasses for walking down the street on a sunny day, watching a movie in a dark cinema, working on the computer at the office, and many other activities.


Learn more about Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses and how to take care of your eyes here.


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