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Toys Upgrade Your Game Of 'Counter-Strike' With This Online App

Upgrade Your Game Of 'Counter-Strike' With This Online App

Upgrade Your Game Of 'Counter-Strike' With This Online App
By Relaxnews
September 07, 2020
You love playing "Counter-Strike," but worry that your game is not up to scratch? Logitech has a tool for you. In just 30 minutes, the new app can test your level and prescribe a suitable training program. Christened Playmaster, the online app, which has been specifically developed by researchers, also allows you to see how your performance compares with professional players.

The gaming equipment specialist Logitech G has launched Playmaster, an online app that allows you to develop your "Counter Strike" skills. Following a test that lasts for around 30 minutes, the app will provide you with a list of your "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" (CS:GO) strengths and weaknesses. Thereafter you can take advantage of a bespoke program to help you improve specific technical aspects of your play, like how to better hunt down enemies, take up more effective positions and shoot more accurately. It also enables you to compare your "CS:GO" skills with those of professional esports players from around the world.

The beta version of Playmaster can now be accessed without charge by players with accounts on the Steam platform. However, this handy tool for newbie gamers may not remain free for very long.

Logitech has taken four years to bring out this unique application with help from esports professionals and university researchers from around the world. To develop Playmaster, the Swiss company called on the services of the Lero Esport Science Research Lab at the University of Limerick in Ireland to determine the best "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" tactics and strategies.

As it stands, Playmaster is only available for "CS:GO" but other video games could soon follow, as the Logitech press release points out.

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