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Wellness Notes on Wellness: Why Investing In Your Smile Is A Timeless Must-have

Notes on Wellness: Why Investing In Your Smile Is A Timeless Must-have

Notes on Wellness: Why Investing In Your Smile Is A Timeless Must-have
By Tatler Philippines
July 22, 2020
Now you can achieve your dream smile from the comfort of your own home

Nowadays, a lot of us have learned to go back to basics—to enjoy the simpler (yet finer) things in life like family time and self-improvement. As we all face worries about the bigger picture, it’s important to stay grounded and an easy way to do that is to invest in ourselves. Confidence is no doubt a trait we all wish we had, but sometimes it can be rather elusive. Still, there are many simple ways to work towards a better, bolder self.

We often spend on clothing that expresses our personal style. We put on makeup and accessories that allow us to explore our creativity. Workouts and skincare regimens have been welcome additions to our home routines. Taking care of our bodies allows us to take time to pamper ourselves but it’s not often we really contemplate about our smiles. And perhaps there’s no better time than now to give it more attention. In a research paper featured by the Daily Mail, psychologists analysed how smiles are perceived by people around us. Their findings proved that “[It] really is the best accessory” as per Dr Alex Jones, a senior lecturer in Psychology at the Welsh University and expert in facial perception. The article notes, "Smiling makes people look healthier and more attractive than being the right weight or even wearing make-up." 

It’s a misconception that the only way to give care and attention to one’s teeth is the obligatory trip to the dental clinic… well, that’s not necessarily the case. Improving your pearly whites can now be done at home with Holo. The Holo Teeth Whitening Kit comes in a sleek box which contains four Holo pens and a mouthpiece. It’s surprisingly quite easy to use: after brushing your teeth, reach for the Holo Pen and apply the whitening gel with it, wear the mouthpiece (which plugs into your phone so you can scroll through your newsfeed while you wait), and after 16 minutes, it automatically shuts off, rinse, and you’re done for the day!

If you have sensitive teeth, there's no need to fret as Holo's whitening gel is formulated with potassium nitrate which helps reduce tooth sensitivity. So if you’re looking to upgrade your self-care regimen, Holo is definitely the way to go. For those who are fans of the nightly facemask, you can now multitask and bust out your Holo kit at the same time. It’s a perfect addition to your routine, as you can use it whenever you have a few minutes of downtime.


Holo Pen (L); Holo Mouthpiece with power button (R)
Holo Pen (L); Holo Mouthpiece with power button (R)

If you've been working from home a lot, you might find those Zoom meetings less daunting than before. It’s easier to carry a conversation when you’re feeling cheerful and confident, so why not take a few minutes of your day to invest in that? Holo takes the experience of getting your teeth whitened at the clinic and simplifies it so that it’s easy-to-do in the comfort of your own home; making your dream smile just an arm’s reach away. A box of four pens is the rough equivalent of around twenty whitening trips to the dentist, so it not only helps with your mental and dental health, it's also light on the pocket. 

Taking care of your teeth is an investment with indisputable returns—physically and mentally. Holo makes it possible for you to achieve and maintain a bright photogenic smile with very little effort. Self-care can be very simple; it’s all about keeping a holistic routine that will bring out the best in you. So, don’t take your smile for granted; it’s the easiest way to exude warmth and effortless poise. 


To upgrade your self-care routine today, visit Holo's website here:  

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