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Guides Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Pearl Farm Beach Resort

A quick 45-minute boat ride from the city of Davao can take you to paradise.

Surrounded by pristine beaches, Pearl Farm Beach Resort offers an escape away from the usual atmosphere of the city by taking you away from the dull monochromes of urban-living and exposing you to the colorful cultures of Mindanao. Be greeted by the sand, sea, and sun as you unwind in your luxurious lodgings and signature houses on stilts. Seventy accommodations made up of suites, executive villas, and cottages, are ready to welcome you.

Pearl Farm Beach Resort is the only resort in the Philippines to offer Five-star luxury intertwined with Authentic Mindanaoan Hospitality.

From high up the mountains to the strong currents of the seas, be in awe with some of the artistic cultural distinctions of Mindanao's tribes projected in every room as National Artist Ar. Bobby Mañosa patterned the resort to reflect the traditional structures of 6 Mindanaoan ethnic groups. Relax, unwind, and take the time to enjoy nature's beauty and Mindanao's grandeur at the only resort that intertwines Five-star Luxury and Mindanaoan Hospitality.


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