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Advocacy 5 Companies Introducing Cutting-Edge Technology for Sustainability

5 Companies Introducing Cutting-Edge Technology for Sustainability

5 Companies Introducing Cutting-Edge Technology for Sustainability
By Franz Sorilla IV
By Franz Sorilla IV
March 18, 2020
In this time of dire need, we must do something smart and safe for us to sustain the water we drink and the food we eat. Here's a look to what these four companies are doing to save Mother Earth:



Based in the United Arab Emirates, Eshara Water is the leading manufacturer of atmospheric water generators that create potable water using humidity. Ranging from a model called EW5 that fits conveniently on a countertop to their EW1000 that can provide water enough for a whole community of 500 people per day, Eshara Water's technology protects global water reserves and eliminates the need for plastic bottles and transportation of water across cities.



Singapore-based Canopy Power gives an alternative to electricity distribution for communities by managing power from various generation sources (solar, wind, etc.) with minimal cost but with enough supply through one of its services, Microgrid. It has a smart energy management system that regulates the active load of energy given to the recipient. Meanwhile, it stores excess energy into a battery that could be used at night or during peak load periods.




Here's a technology that creates water out of sunlight and air— Zero Mass Water's SOURCE. A Hydropanel meets drinking water needs by applying thermodynamics, materials science, and controls technology to create high quality drinking water each day with only sunlight and air.



Axelspace is a Japanese-based company that utilises space through modern microsatellites to drastically cut both mission development times and costs. With its cutting-edge technology that could meet specific business needs, it then helps private companies and research institutions that need data and satellite mapping.

Pessl Instruments


Having mentioned microsatellite technology, Pessl Instruments' METOS assists farmers in yielding better harvests with its solar-powered monitoring system. Instead of harvesting all fields, a farmer can now detect which parts of the fields are ready for harvesting and which needs more time. It also detects the quality of soil and crops. All these technologies can be conveniently controlled via smartphone.


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