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Close Up Best Friends Day: All About Pops Fernandez and Anton San Diego's Decades-long Friendship

Best Friends Day: All About Pops Fernandez and Anton San Diego's Decades-long Friendship

Pops Fernandez and Anton San Diego
Pops Fernandez and Anton San Diego
By Christine Andas
By Christine Andas
June 11, 2021
From sharing stationaries to buying cheese pandesal... read about how Pops and Anton have been the closest pals for the past decades

Having a best friend is a gift. Honouring the friendship you have with people you can count on and consider as family makes Best Friend's Day just as important as any other holiday. So, we asked our Tatler friends about their closest pals in celebration of the momentous day. For this article, we speak to our very own Editor-in-Chief Anton San Diego about his long-time friendship with Pops Fernandez. 

Read on below to find out how they met, their best pal traditions, and more:

Who is your best friend and how long have you been best friends?

Anton: My bestie is Pops Fernandez. We have been friends since our elementary days at the International School Manila. Let's say we've been friends for almost half a century.

Pops: One of my best friends is Anton San Diego. We have been friends since grade school. He was my classmate in third grade. I was a very shy, quiet nerd in school. And during those times, one of the favourite hobbies of my female schoolmates was to collect stationaries and trade them amongst each other. I guess Anton noticed that mine were not the best ones—meaning, they were not Betsy Clark, not scented, and whatever else was popular then. So one day, he approached me and he just gave me a Snoopy stationary. It wasn't a Betsy Clark but I was so touched and that became my favourite. I never traded it with anyone. And that's how our friendship started.

What do you love doing together? Is there an activity that you both consider a tradition?

Pops: Well, before we got busy, we would spend dinners together. We are the remaining "single" in our group, so we were a phone call or text away from each other.

Anton: During pre-COVID days, we would have regular lunches or dinners where we get to catch up. We are also part of a group (14 persons) that we call 50 Plus that goes on a yearly trip together. We have been to Florence, Venice and Portugal. Last year, we were all set to go to Greece but the pandemic happened. Hopefully, we can resume when the world heals and things get better.

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What are your favourite memories together?

Pops: Our middle school and high school memories were the best. After school, I, together with Laurie Jimenez Westfall and Kit Zobel, would look for Anton because he would treat and buy us cheese pandesal. They also become my backup dancers during a middle school programme.

Anton: When we were both in middle school, Pops joined a singing contest and sang I Love the Nightlife, and I along with other friends were the backup dancers. Our trips have been a highlight because at this stage in our lives, where everyone is busy, we take time to show the importance of friendship and each other’s presence. Another thing is we have been hosting the Tatler ball awards since 2002 so that’s always a treat to do.

Pops Fernandez and Anton San Siego hosting the Philippine Tatler Ball
Pops Fernandez and Anton San Siego hosting the Philippine Tatler Ball
Fernando and Kit Zobel, Pops Fernandez, Anton San Siego
Fernando and Kit Zobel, Pops Fernandez, Anton San Siego

What do you love about one another?

Anton: With Pops, I can talk to her about anything. I can confide in her and say everything I want without being judged, ridiculed or gossiped about. I trust her with all my heart and love her for who she is. I have seen her evolve into the lovely woman she has become and I am honoured to be part of her life.

Pops: A friend is someone who is there for you, whom you can trust. It's not the amount of time you get to spend together, but it is the comfort of knowing that they will be there for you no matter what, no judgments or questions, just concern, love and respect for each other.


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