Behind the Scenes: Building an Empire

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June 23, 2015 | BY Chit Lijauco

There is an obvious connection between father and son, a connection that can very well be one of their secrets to success.


When Andrew Tan hit 40, he was on a roll. He did not climb, but rather soared to the top of the business world, impressing as well as surprising his colleagues and those who reached the heights way before him.

"My father is a charismatic leader," Kevin says. “He does not force us to follow his directions but rather persuades us in a way that we feel it is the right direction to take. Most of the time though, it actually is!”

Somewhere down the road, Andrew hit on a correct parenting style. Well, that and a secret called Kathy. “As far back as I can remember, I made an unspoken pact with my wife Kathy that I would take care of business while she takes care of our children,” he says. “Considering that all four of them are okay today, I think we should give her credit for a job well done.”

But he had not completely kept himself away from child-rearing. Andrew says that on top of what his children learnt in school, he made sure he mentored them on what he has learnt from life. “I do this by sitting down and having candid chats with them,” he relates.

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The father also enjoys some downtime with the family. He looks forward to being with them, be it lunch or dinner, especially after a hard day at the office. “This is one of those things you cannot put a price tag on,” he says.

As the family grows, with the coming of the grandchildren, Andrew says that happiness has a new meaning for him now. “Happiness is playing with my two grandchildren, and another one that will be coming in a month’s time,” he explains.

Confident that he raised Kevin and his siblings the best way possible, Andrew says that he has nothing to fear. “Although born in fortunate circumstances, they have shown they’re as hungry for success as other people their age and ready to face life’s toughest challenges head-on,” he says.

Those words could very well have been uttered by his father, who must have also felt the drive and the hunger for success of his son, Andrew.

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