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Close UpBehind the Scenes: January 2018

Behind the Scenes: January 2018

Behind the Scenes: January 2018
By Philippine Tatler
January 08, 2018
Philippine Tatler's pick for Asia's Most Stylish 2017 is Tootsy Echauz Angara, who graces the first issue of the magazine for the year

Philippine Tatler's pick for Asia’s Most Stylish 2017, the fresh-faced Tootsy Echauz-Angara entered the holding room on the dot at seven in the morning—straight from a four-hour drive from Manila to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bataan. Despite being on the road in the middle of the night and having come from a full day of work, Tootsy made it on time, was all smiles and remarkable cheer. Without a hint of fatigue on her face, she was poised and excited to start the day.

She was warm and gracious, instantly making everybody feel comfortable. A team player by nature, she helped with the set and unpacked some of the Gucci shoes herself to prepare for the shoot. Halfway through getting dolled up in Patrick Rosas’ make-up chair, she plops herself down onto the fl oor in the middle of the room and asked the team to join her for a quick lunch break, picnic-style.

Tootsy works with the team, checking out the photos and having fun between takes
Tootsy works with the team, checking out the photos and having fun between takes

Known for her classic, feminine looks and ladylike demeanour, Tootsy surprised us as she gamely agreed to venture out of her fashion comfort zone, daring to don Gucci’s trademark contrasting prints and mistmatched outfits from head to toe. Here is a woman who has fully embraced her personal style but is not afraid to explore and show a different side of herself.

Learn more about Tootsy, one of Asia’s Most Stylish and a true role model, on the January 2018 issue of Philippine Tatler. Meanwhile, you can also catch how this colourful cover shoot came about in the video below.

Photography: Sara Black​ | Art direction: Anton San Diego​ | Styling: Monique Madsen​ | Clothes and shoes: Gucci cruise '18 | Location: Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar​ | Makeup: Patrick Rosas | Hair: Ryan Medrano | VIdeography: Elena Virata



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