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Advocacy How To Help The Child Protection Network Safeguard 500 Young Lives

How To Help The Child Protection Network Safeguard 500 Young Lives

How To Help The Child Protection Network Safeguard 500 Young Lives
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By Ryanne Co
By Ryanne Co
July 08, 2021
With your support, the Child Protection Network aims to provide 500 abused children with potentially life-saving medical and mental treatment for an entire year

There is no doubt: we must protect our children. Though it seems like mere instinct to safeguard our young, each year, countless cases of child abuse are reported all over the world. In a developing country such as the Philippines, children are particularly vulnerable as they have less access to health services, adequate nutrition and other forms of protection. Thousands of young people rely on non-government organisations (NGO) for the care and support necessary throughout their most impressionable years.

Child Protection Network (CPN) is an NGO first started in 1997; since then, it has worked with experts on the prevention and treatment of child abuse. This year, CPN is raising funds to help support 500 children who are all victims of abuse.

For every 8,000 peso donation, one boy or girl will get access to a year of medical and mental treatment. CPN hopes to raise at least 4,000,000 pesos to be able to fully support all these children. One hundred per cent of the proceeds will go towards the cause.

Donations may be coursed through CPN’s BPI bank account. Contributions can be addressed to “Child Protection Network Foundation, Inc”, account number 3281-0272-03. The bank branch is the Midland Plaza Condominium in Ermita, Manila.

Cheques may also be sent to any of the members of the Board of Trustees. These include President Irene Martel Francisco and Trustees Renna Hechanova Angeles, Mia Borromeo, Alice G Eduardo, Lizzy Razon, Mons Romulo, Julio Dy Sy, Jr and Johnny L Vasquez. As acknowledgement, every donor will receive an official receipt and a thank-you letter from the CPN.

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Photo: Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash
Photo: Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

“[The] Covid [pandemic] plus abuse is more than what our children can bear,” CPN’s Executive Director, Dr Bernadette Madrid says. “Covid has increased incidents of violence and has also exacerbated the impact of the abuse.”

In 2019 before the pandemic, 1,355 cases had already been reported to the Philippine General Hospital Child Protection Unit (PGH-CPU). Doubtless, many more are now in need of help. Of these 1,355 cases, a staggering 74.39 per cent came forward for sexual abuse, despite the fact that the 2015 National Baseline Study on Violence Against Children in the Philippines (NBS- VAC) says that physical and psychological abuse are far more common. As such, there is a worrying likelihood that cases are being underreported.

Other children in touch with PGH-CPU experienced physical abuse, psychological abuse, bullying and other forms of mistreatment. CPN President Irene Martel Francisco, says: “It is absolutely essential that we help these abused kids get treatment. Your donation will aid a child through dark days, so please do share your blessings and let’s give generously.”

Photo: Tanaphong Toochinda on Unsplash
Photo: Tanaphong Toochinda on Unsplash

Through comprehensive and coordinated care, CPN’s children have shown much improvement. PGH-CPU gives victims of abuse access to medico-legal examination, psychological assessment and psych therapy.

CPN Trustee Lizzy Razon reiterates the importance of helping to stop abuse, saying: “Not all homes are safe havens, for others it is a nightmare scene with no respite. Our work at CPN never ends, now more than ever we need to help those trapped in these terrible circumstances.”

Tatler Philippines now humbly invites you to be part of the change a child most needs. In our midst is a young life we can most certainly help. Through a small donation, a blameless victim’s future can be shaped for the better, without having to be encumbered by experiences of abuse.

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