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The SceneDo Crazy Rich Asians Throw Such Outrageous Parties? Our Asia Tatler Insiders Spill The Beans

Do Crazy Rich Asians Throw Such Outrageous Parties? Our Asia Tatler Insiders Spill The Beans

Do Crazy Rich Asians Throw Such Outrageous Parties? Our Asia Tatler Insiders Spill The Beans
By Lily Ong
August 30, 2018

While watching Crazy Rich Asians last week, the scenes that stood out to me were the larger-than-life parties, from an elaborate soiree to celebrate the blooming of tan hua flowers to the extravagant wedding in Singapore central to the movie's plotline. These parties were portrayed so lavishly (a rare Cambodian gong to kick off a party, anyone?), they looked like they were lifted out of the pages of Asia ‘Tattle’, oops, I mean Tatler. While we never party-and-tell, but I can say for sure that the Tatler team have attended a few out-of-this-world celebrations. I myself have attended a wedding where the bridegroom commissioned a suit based on Prince Charming from Disney's classic Cinderella. There was also once when I left a society couple's anniversary dinner celebrations with Tiffany & Co china cups, embossed with my name, as a doorgift. While I did not attend, I heard about a birthday party where the birthday girl organised for her guests to receive complimentary Botox and filler injections as a surprise. I can't prove or disprove this rumour, but still, there’s no smoke without fire, right? In spirit of Crazy Rich Asians making it big on Hollywood, our Asia Tatler insiders tell all when it comes to the most memorable parties they have attended, hosted by Asia's elite.

(Photo: Warner Bros)
(Photo: Warner Bros)

Sean Fitzpatrick

Chief Content Officer and Managing Director, Hong Kong Tatler

“I once went to a Russian-themed wedding, complete with horsemen. The entertainment included a bespoke performance by Cirque de Soleil, based on the life of the wedding couple. The corridor to the marquee was sprinkled with so many sequins that it felt like you were walking in snow. The corridor led to a nightclub, which was temporary although you couldn’t tell from the build-quality. There were hundreds of bottles of champagne from a boutique producer, reportedly at USD3,000 each. As you left, you were encouraged to take any of the customised items used during dinner: plates, goblets, decorative crystal eggs, even the banquet chairs!”

(Photo: Warner Bros)
(Photo: Warner Bros)

Irene M. Francisco

Managing Director, Philippine Tatler

“Truly fabulous parties are made of the perfect mix of people who know each other. The host does not need to coax the crowd to dance because the music selected would already resonate with the guests. I have to say our Philippine Tatler Ball is like that and perhaps a couple of weddings I have attended. It’s not one thing that stands out, rather it’s the perfect mix brought together in a refined and elegant manner throughout the whole affair. Personally, I feel that the partying scene in the Crazy Rich Asians movie was over the top because it was satirical, like the book was. Wealthy people from old families do not behave so boorishly.”

(Photo: Warner Bros)
(Photo: Warner Bros)

Corinne Ng

Managing Director, Singapore Tatler 

“I have two memorable parties in mind. One was a wedding where the entertainment was jaw-dropping. At the after party, a chart-topping singer appeared and performed two songs. Hint: He sang in DJ Khaled’s “I’m The One” track. Another one was a birthday party of a flamboyant character – it was held at one of the top hotels in Singapore and the moment you stepped in, you were transported into another world that was filled with feathers, sequins, drop-dead gorgeous drag queens and half-naked, well-oiled Macho Marys. It was a raunchy, closed-door party that was 100 per cent cray. Needless to say, we could not get the photos to share on Tatler.”

(Photo: Warner Bros)
(Photo: Warner Bros)

Florence Fang

Managing Director, Malaysia Tatler

“I think Malaysians splurge the most for weddings, especially when the union has a multicultural element. I once witnessed a Japanese wedding at the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, between a Malaysian man and a Japanese woman. It was exciting to see fellow Malaysian guests go all out for the occasion by dressing in Japanese kimonos. Another multicultural wedding I enjoyed was the delightful union between a scion of Malay descent and his Chinese bride. They celebrated every element of their lives together, from the akad nikah to the jip san leong, complete with an afterparty that showcased their fun-loving personalities. Of course, the icing on the cake are 90’s era boybands they brought in to entertain us all!”

(Photo: Warner Bros)
(Photo: Warner Bros)

Naphalai Areesorn

Editor-in-Chief, Thailand Tatler

"Fabulous and extravagant parties don't seem to happen so much nowadays. The two that come to mind are special in their own ways. The first is the opening of a real estate development in Hua Hin built around a country club and crystal lagoon lake. The highlight was a concert by Ronan Keating, flown in especially for the event. Also, any event on the Eastern & Oriental Express tends to be quite spectacular because of the setting. Once, prior to guests boarding the train for a party, there was a spectacular fashion show while the train ride featured lots of Instagram-worthy moments at the cabins which had been turned into specialised rooms such as a cigar bar and a music room."

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