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Close Up Enrique Razon, Jr, receives honorary doctorate from DLSU

Enrique Razon, Jr, receives honorary doctorate from DLSU

Enrique Razon, Jr, receives honorary doctorate from DLSU
By Charles Aames Bautista
February 16, 2019
Hailed as one of the country’s top business leaders, Razon receives another accolade for his leadership in the logistics industry

Known as the Chairman of the Board and President of top port management and operations firm, International Container Terminal Services, Inc (ICTSI), Enrique K. Razon, Jr, built a career of excellence in the field of logistics management, which has led to the conferment of an honourary degree of Doctorate of Science in Logistics from the prestigious De La Salle University.

Razon shares his appreciation during his commencement address, “I pleasantly find myself in your company – finally receiving a diploma. The difference is, it has taken you roughly three years while it has taken me 35 years! Suffice it to say that I am not a shining example for academic achievement. This was the only way ever possible for me to receive a diploma. Back in the day, it was enough to be smart, very hardworking, and together with some luch to be successful not just in business, but in any endeavour one has chosen. When I started out, times were very different. Nowadays, not earning a college education would be a severe handicap as the world is much more competitive, and skills involving tehnology are a must, which was not the case back then.”

The Razon family is considered pioneers in the ports industry in the Philippines which goes back since 1916. From building up the very busy Manila port, Enrique Razon, Jr has grown the company to manage and operate 32 ports in 19 countries. Beyond the port operations, he also sits as the Chaiman of Bloomberry Resorts, Inc, the developer of multi-billion peso integrated entertainment hub, Solaire Resort and Casino. Razon continues to expand his reach with investments in real estate, energy, mining, and other leisure facilities.

Most notable is his passion for giving back. This brought about the institutionalisation of ICTSI’s corporate social responsibility and saw the creation of ICTSI Foundation. It has undertaken several community projects with government and non-government agencies to support causes in education, community welfare and sports including having funded construction of facilities for the Philippine Military Academy and University of the Philippines.  In his speech addressing the graduates of De La Salle University, Razon shares “Every generation should be better than that preceding it, and the hope is your generation be outstanding and make your country a beter place for the next generation.


Close Up Enrique Razon ICTSI Honorary Degree DLSU


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