WATCH: Generation T Highlights


October 13, 2016 | BY Shauna Popple Williams

Philippine Tatler launches Generation T in swanky fashion


Philippine Tatler revealed and presented a list of 100 young and dynamic industry leaders and creative individuals, aptly titled Generation T, through an exclusive soiree for 300 at the High Street Lounge in Shangri-La at the Fort. Food was delicious and drinks were flowing throughout the night as DJ Samantha Nicole set the mood.

Who or what is Generation T? The ‘T,” of course, stands for Tatler.  Generation T is composed of every 25-40 year old individual who is filled with potential. The top 100, however, are who Philippine Tatler considers to be the brightest connectors, creative visionaries and influential innovators transforming the Philippines. They are those who have made their marks and are driving trends, blazing their paths and seeking out their own fortunes.

See all the fabulous, wacky, and candid moments at our live photoshoot here.

Co-presenting the much-anticipated launch of Generation T was Philippine Tatler’s lead partner, Hublot. Its supporting partners were Credit Suisse and the Shangri-La at the Fort.

Making the momentous occasion even more memorable was the free-flowing Moët & Chandon as well as delicious Hennessy X.O concoctions. Toasting the huge success of the launch and joining Philippine Tatler’s Irene Martel Francisco and Anton San Diego were Edipresse Media Asia’s Michel and Tamara Lamunière; Hublot’s Loic Biver and Lucerne’s Emerson Yao, as well as Credit Suisse’s Vanessa Bergqvist, Shangri-La at the Fort’s John Rice and Moët Hennessy Philippines’ Olga Azarcon.

A novel aspect of the glamorous evening was the live photo shoot with photographer, Wesley Villarica, which had Gen T listers and VIPs lining up for their 10 seconds in front of the lens. On the others side of the well-appointed High Street Lounge, guests chalked special messages on the “Gen T photo wall,” which was divided up between blackboards and the exhibit of blown-up black and white polaroids featuring the 100 gen T listers.

See all the moments from the Generation T party here.

How did Philippine Tatler come up with our 100? The inaugural Generation T list took three months to produce; many of the names were on Tatler’s radar; some through family networks. A great deal of indispensable insider knowledge combined with research as well as hours of deliberation and multiple meetings took place until the Tatler team finally came down to the very deserving 100. The list is alphabetical and there is no hierarchy nor ranking in the listing of the names.

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