Generation T: The Who, What & Why


June 28, 2017 | BY Isabel Martel Francisco and Shauna Popple Williams

Everything you need to know about Generation T

In every generation, there are those who stand out. Marked by their vision, talent and drive, they challenge the status quo and bring forth change. They are not just dreamers, they're doers—and it is these creative visionaries and disruptive talents whom we define as Generation T (or Gen T, for short). 

Philippine Tatler has evolved over the years and prides itself on continually maintaining its position as a trusted arbiter of modern society. As such, last year we launched the Generation T initiative with an inaugural list of the top 100 brightest talents who are helping shape the Philippines. This year, the list has been trimmed down to comprise 50 stellar individuals who are making their mark. Further to this point, we are proud to announce a brand new section on our website solely dedicated to Generation T.

Catch highlights from last year's launch party 

What is Generation T?

gen t invitation4.jpgThe Generation T list comprises high achievers in any field, all of whom are below the age of 40 during the selection process.

Generation T highlights personal and professional growth, empowers meaningful connections and celebrates achievement. This annual publication complements the Philippine Tatler 400 List of the country's most influential individuals, with a focus on the next generation.

Generation T, however, is much more than a list—it's also a platform for the community to connect and collaborate with each other through enriching experiences and exclusive content on entrepreneurship, innovation, personal development and lifestyle. 

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Who's on the list?


These people have a clear purpose and passion in life, are open and proactive about sharing and learning. We have identified these names as playing an integral part in the dynamic future of the Philippines and are acknowledging their potential and contributions.

The list includes scions of some of the Philippines’ oldest families, as well as self-made entrepreneurs, gifted young artists, cutting-edge chefs, innovative inventors, bold-faced names in fashion as well as influencers. They are the next generation that is filled with potential.

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How do you make it to the list?

The Generation T list is refreshed annually by the Tatler Tribe, a panel made up of Philippine Tatler editors and select members who are leaders in their respective industries.

While every Gen T lister shall forever be alumni and part of the community, there will always be new additions every year.

Gen T 2016's photo booth fun

When will the 2017 Gen T list be announced? 

The Generation T list for 2017 will be unveiled in July with an exclusive launch party, so stay tuned!

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