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Advocacy Here's How L'Oréal Is Championing A Sustainable Future For Beauty

Here's How L'Oréal Is Championing A Sustainable Future For Beauty

Here's How L'Oréal Is Championing A Sustainable Future For Beauty
Photo: Unsplash
By Ryanne Co
By Ryanne Co
August 07, 2020
L'Oréal Philippines is making sustainability their top priority by focusing on sustainable e-commerce and social empowerment

On this new decade, as the world pivots towards a more sustainable lifestyle, L’Oréal reveals their 2030 roadmap. In their new strategy, the French multinational aims at becoming more sustainable and eco-friendly. They've strengthened their promise towards helping fight climate change and protecting biodiversity through the preservation of natural resources and responsible water management. 

For this, representatives from L’Oréal have worked on a few key resolutions; the first being to reach carbon neutrality by 2025. By 2030, they also aim to use all recycled or bio-based sources for 100 per cent of plastics used for their products. L’Oréal Group has also pledged €50 million to finance damaged marine and forest ecosystems through the L’Oréal Fund for Nature Regeneration. 

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Photo: L’Oréal
Photo: L’Oréal

In a bid to engage their customers in their new eco-friendly purpose, L’Oréal has launched the Product Environmental and Social Impact Labelling system. Endorsed by independent scientific experts, this system labels products on a scale from A (world-class for sustainability) to E. By this transparency, consumers are empowered to make more informed choices for their buying habits. The first product to roll out this new system this 2020 is Garnier. 

In fact, Garnier has been at the helm of L’Oréal's sustainability efforts. Currently, Garnier products contain more than 90% natural origin ingredients and come with certified organic product ranges and vegan formulas. 

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Photo: L’Oréal
Photo: L’Oréal

Of course, the L’Oréal Group's plan doesn't stop there. Their holistic approach towards a sustainable future includes a commitment to social inclusion—especially for women. As such, they've expanded their beauty education program called "Beauty for a Better Life". Here, they aim to ensure that underprivileged women are able to regain confidence and self-respect by helping them enhance their skill-set and gain employment. 

The L’Oréal Group's charity foundation has also pledged €50 million geared towards supporting field organisations and charities. that provide assistance to refugees, disabled women, and victims of abuse. 

As a global leader in cosmetics and self-care, L’Oréal Group takes beauty to new depths by incorporating a valuable message in its business practices and work ethics. These days, they prove to us that it's no longer enough to simply look and feel beautiful, we must act beautifully too. 

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