HSBC unveils the Pride and Unity Lions in their new home in Manila

The Scene

March 1, 2018 | BY Franz Sorilla IV

Global Services Centre (GSC Philippines) as the first Manila site to host the Lions

HSBC recently unveiled replicas of Stephen and Stitt, the iconic HSBC lions, in their new home in Manila. The lions have been created by Hong Kong artist Michael Lam, and turned into art pieces inspired by the colours of the Pride rainbow. The two lions now sit as welcoming beacons of diversity and inclusion of the Global Services Centre (GSC Philippines) Quezon City grounds.

Stephen, the Pride lion is inspired by the Pride flag, with a design that uses thick rainbow-colored bars. The lion looks as if it is sitting on a bed of green grass and has yellow paws in respect to Feng Shui principles. Indeed, this lion is truly a proud statement. Stitt, on the other hand, is the Unity lion and is created with circular designs, as the circular form is a universal symbol for togetherness. The lion looks as if it is sitting on a bed of green grass and has yellow paws in respect to Feng Shui principles. This lion encourages us to celebrate the beauty of embracing diversity.

HSBC President and CEO for Philippines, Wick Veloso, and Belinda Chen, Head of GSC Philippines, unveiled the lions over a short program kicking off with a grand lion dance to also welcome the Lunar New Year.

“I would like to congratulate GSC Philippines for being cited as one of the most active sites in supporting LGBTQ inclusion, and because of that, Stephen and Stitt have found the perfect home in Manila," Veloso said. "HSBC is proud to support diversity and inclusion. We have made material progress towards achieving a truly open and diverse working environment, and are deeply committed to supporting equality for everyone. Understanding and embracing everyone’s unique perspectives, beliefs and experiences is core to HSBC’s values,”

Chen added, “Having the Rainbow Lions in a GSC Manila site demonstrates HSBC’s commitment to achieving a truly open and diverse working environment. Having a workforce that reflects the diversity of our customers in the Philippines and which draws on a wide range of perspectives makes us better able to serve the whole community.”

“Together let us celebrate pride, celebrate unity–and continue to advocate equality for everyone.” Wick concluded.

Throughout the history of HSBC, Stephen and Stitt have stood for courage and prosperity. This year, they also stand for pride and unity.