Huawei: It Takes One To Know One

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August 1, 2017 | BY Shauna Popple Williams

Megabrand Huawei confers international fashion designer and Generation T lister, Vania Romoff, with the Game Changer award


It takes a game changer to know a game changer. Huawei, being an innovation leader and pioneer in consumer technology recognises the young Vania Romoff, known for constantly pushing the style envelope, as a distinct voice of her generation in the field of fashion.

Huawei recently presented Vania the Game Changer award to which a rather chuffed Vania, who was coming down from a high, said “I felt very grateful for the recognition of my work,”– not only for having received esteemed recognition as one of this year’s Philippine Tatler Generation Top 50 – but also the covetable Huawei Game Changer award.

As a hot-ticket ‘It’ fashion designer, Vania, who is about to marry in November has been on a marvellously propitious streak, what with big names noting and lauding her prolific and beyond impressive contributions to the fashion industry.

Women of all shapes and sizes, from a range of backgrounds across a spectrum of sectors look to and trust Vania through and through to dress them for all manner of occasions (from RTW to custom creations and bridal to RTW bridal).  As such, her fan base has extended well beyond the Philippines being that her eponymous label, Vania Romoff, Inc., is stocked internationally and has taken a giant, albeit successful, leap into the world of e-commerce. This year, in fact, she is not only looking to meet the demands of her current roster of discerning clientele but is expanding to include a much-anticipated children’s wear line.


Huawei, in the same light, is one of the world’s leading names in terms of smartphone market share for premium devices, and is an emerging giant in terms of branding in the Philippines. The premium lifestyle brand is a fierce supporter of those who work tirelessly to bring meaningful impact to their own fields of expertise.

As leaders blazing their own unique paths, Huawei and Vania connect on many levels, bringing about positive impactful change to their industries and respective brands. They approach design the same way and share common traits as concurring visionaries, creators and innovators. Vania, like Huawei, aims to transform, revolutionise and constantly improve on the existing. Hence Huawei’s design philosophy, “Make It Possible.”

Making everything possible in smartphone photography, Huawei recently released its breakthrough P-series products, particularly of note its P10 and P10 PLUS units, enhanced value-added versions of their globally successful predecessor, the P9.

The designer received Huawei’s game changing P10 and she’s more than thrilled with her brand spanking new phone and its amazing photography features.  “It's incredibly sleek and easy to use,” noted Vania. “Of course, my favourite feature is the Leica dual lens! It's like having a pro camera in your phone! I love it!” she said.
”I am overwhelmed but super thankful for all the recognition. It was an honour!” she professes.

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