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Advocacy Lighting The Way To A New World Record

Lighting The Way To A New World Record

Lighting The Way To A New World Record
By Shauna Jay Popple Williams
January 12, 2018
Litre of Light partners with the Zayed Future Energy Prize to break Guinness World Record "Largest Environmental Sustainability Lesson"

On January 10, 2018, the Zayed Future Energy Prize, in collaboration with social enterprise, Liter of Light, set a Guinness World Record for the "Largest Environmental Sustainability Lesson."

A total of 282 students from across the UAE congregated at the Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi to participate in the sustainability-themed lesson, which was presented by Liter of Light Executive Director, Illac Angelo Diaz. Litre of Light won the seventh edition of the Zayed Future Energy Prize in the non-profit organisation (NPO/NGO) category in 2015, and is the only Filipino organisation to have won this prestigious prize.

In celebration of its 10th year anniversary, the Zayed Future Energy Prize patronised this massive initiative to raise awareness for the millions in the Philippines as well as those around the world who lack the access to clean, affordable and sustainable energy.

“Liter of Light’s Guinness World Record endeavor was more than setting a new milestone for community-built solar lighting,” said Diaz. “By organising this large-scale action, we wanted to raise awareness for the millions who continue to live without access to clean energy, including the tens of thousands of Muslim Filipinos in the southern areas of Mindanao.”

The milestone event saw the students assemble 2,400 solar lanterns, arranged as a light installation of sorts in tribute to the late Sheikh Zayed, the UAE’s founding father. These solar lanterns are to be donated to Red Crescent and installed in the streets and homes of those in need.

Said Dr. Nawal Al-Hosany, Director of the Zayed Future Energy Programme, "Today’s record-breaking event is an inspirational way to mark the birthday of Zayed and the 10-year anniversary of the Zayed Future Energy Prize, established in honour of Sheikh Zayed’s environmental legacy and vision. The last decade has seen the lives of millions of people positively impacted by the prize’s many winners, of whom Liter of Light is truly a shining example. Today’s gathering highlights the critical importance of youth in driving forward the renewable energy and sustainability conversation, and the power they have as change agents, now and for the future."

“This sends a powerful message of hope to young people around the UAE and the world about the difference they can make in addressing global sustainability challenges," concluded Diaz.

About Liter of Light:

Liter of Light is an open source energy programme using the shared strength of partnerships around the world to harness available technologies and community skills building. The Liter of Light is both a day and night solution that provides passive daylight as well as charged evening solar lights such as lanterns, house lights, and streetlights through local skills building and sourcing electronic parts for building the products at the base of the pyramid instead of merely retailing imported, finished products.



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