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Advocacy LoveYourself: A Holistic Approach

LoveYourself: A Holistic Approach

LoveYourself: A Holistic Approach
By Jeanna Lanting
September 13, 2019
LoveYourself, the leading HIV advocacy group in the country, widens its scope and caters to more health concerns for all

As its name suggests, LoveYourself invites individuals of all genders to find self-worth within themselves and inspire others to do the same. An important way to love oneself is to care for one’s mental and physical health. Generation T honouree Ronivin Pagtakhan founded the organisation initially to address HIV-related concerns in the country, but found his cause grow larger as time went by. This year, they launch three new initiatives to promote holistic health.

PrEP Pilipinas

Prevention has always been said to be better than a cure, and the same idea applies to HIV. Now, such a thing is possible through the Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis pill. Also known as PrEP, the Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis pill allows those who have not contracted HIV to remain infection-free. PrEP is being offered in select LoveYourself centres and, in order to reach a wider audience in need, the organisation has partnered with Hi-Precision Diagnostics and their nationwide branches.

Victoria by LoveYourself

Transpeople have unique physiological needs that may not be easily addressed by local hospitals and clinics. Victoria by LoveYourself answers to the call by being the first community-led transgender health centre in the country. Here they may find gender affirming hormone treatments and receive medical attention for sexually-transmitted diseases.

Flourish Circle

Cases of depression, anxiety, and suicide have increased in the past few years, making mental health awareness matter more than ever. Apart from individual counselling and medication, emotional support from peers has proven to aid in managing such concerns. LoveYourself’s Flourish Circle provides those with mental health problems a safe space to hopefully recover and feel heard.

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