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Close Up Mia Lozada: In Full Bloom

Mia Lozada: In Full Bloom

Mia Lozada: In Full Bloom
By Marga Manlapig
January 20, 2017
Through Bloomwoods, florist Mia Lozada has brought colour, whimsy, and creativity to some of the most important events in the metro

Her world is a blossoming play-garden where creativity and a quirky whimsy hold sway. Since 2009, Mia Lozada’s Bloomwoods Flowershop has crafted unique and intricate floral arrangements to grace some of the country’s most prominent events, including the Philippine Tatler Ball.

“I initially thought that [working with flowers and plants] was a great outlet for me to express my creativity,” she says. “I took up several classes in flower arranging, attended lectures, and visited exhibitions before embarking on my first venture.”

Over time, she began to attract corporate clients and did the flowers for weddings and other social gatherings.


A Leap of Faith

The Philippine flower industry may well be considered one of the most competitive in the world. It is an environment that would daunt even the pluckiest entrepreneurs, but Lozada took a leap of faith and set up shop at Forbes Park’s San Antonio Arcade in 2009.

This bold move on the part of a fledgling entrepreneur coupled with excellent feedback on previous projects would be a gamble that paid off big time.

“One day, we got a call from one of our long-standing clients,” Lozada remembers. “They informed us that the vice-president of Shangri-La Hotels [at the time] wanted to meet me and get me as their in-house florist.”

Today, Bloomwoods has branches at the Makati Shangri-La and EDSA Shangri-La. There, Lozada and her well-trained team produce amazing decorative arrangements for a variety of occasions ranging from weddings to promotional events and major holidays.

As she puts it, “There have been a lot of events over the years and all of them are special in their own unique way. Of course, I always look forward to doing the floral styling for big events like the annual Tatler Ball. From conceptualising the theme of each event to the execution of details, I make sure that our team exceeds the expectations of our client.

“The floral installations at the [Makati Shang] are always fun and challenging. We would do amazing floral installations for occasions like Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. Guests would usually line up to take pictures at our lobby centrepiece while celebrating with their loved ones. It gives me great pride to see smiles on their faces showing their appreciation of all the work our team put behind it.”

Lozada is keen to work with clients, but also adds a caveat that they already need to have a specific theme in mind before consulting with her team. “There are two really important elements for an event,” she explains. Lighting is one; flowers are the other for an event that is substantial and unforgettable.”


Blooming with Bloomwoods

Through Bloomwoods, Lozada aims to change the way local consumers see floral décor and the very act itself of buying flowers.

“Our combination of quality fresh flowers, market-competitive prices, customer accessibility, and friendly, knowledgeable service is our advantage over other premium florists in the city,” Lozada declares. “Our track record and experience also set us apart from other firms in the floral industry.”

On top of her blooming business, she is also a happy wife to lawyer Leyton Lozada and mother to two daughters and a son. While family certainly comes first, she admits that starting Bloomwoods has given her a great deal of satisfaction and fulfilment.

“Starting my own business meant that I was free to do things my way,” she says. “I am my own boss. It’s a great feeling, being able to freely make decisions on your own. I was able to express my creativity and fulfil my dream of putting up the best premium flower shop in the city. [Bloomwoods has] managed to build a reputation for elegant floral arrangements that always stand out without being too overpowering. We also pride ourselves on the quality of the flowers we use as we combine local and imported blooms to great effect.”

Lozada is quick to point out that confidence is key. “The most important thing is to trust your instincts as a floral designer and events stylist,” she opines. “First and foremost: believe in yourself, believe in your design, and try to build your own character with the intention of making designs that are easily recognised as your own. It is a privilege to arrange flowers for my customers. Creating something as simple as a thank you bouquet or as elaborate as a table centrepiece always makes my day.”


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